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The Management and Technology (M&T) department provides professional development open enrollment courses in the areas of project management, leadership, and technology. These include Project Management Professional (PMP) exam preparation courses, as well as core topics in project management, programming with Python, user interface/user experience, and web development courses. 



For those who only wish to take one or two courses for personal and professional development, the Management and Technology department offers a number of courses on broad-based topics that are aligned with academic and industry standards. 

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Certificates provide credentials for those who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of a specialized field, supporting a potential career change or an opportunity to upgrade current skills. As a student enrolled in a management certificate, you will acquire the important skills you'll need for management roles now and in the future. Students enrolled in a certificate program will learn best practices in the industry and will be able to apply their new skills as systems evolve. Upon completion of your studies, you will have earned a credential that provides a thorough review of the field you intend to pursue and a deeper understanding of the potential career paths. 

The Management and Technology department currently offers five certificates. Certificate programs consist of required foundational courses and electives.

  • Agile Management: The Certificate in Agile Management covers topics such as leadership (coaching), ethics, team management, and systems development management. There is a growing demand across industries and business functions to quickly and efficiently deliver business solutions that align with rapidly changing environments. The agile methodology for systems development has evolved into the application of this “mindset” for project management, regardless of the industry. Upon completion of this certificate, students will be able to differentiate between management and leadership skills to successfully oversee a project from initial conception to a finished product or service while applying agile techniques.
  • Data Visualization: The Certificate in Data Visualization helps individuals with no previous experience in data visualization to gain general knowledge in the field to apply to their current profession. It also helps individuals with data visualization experience to take their skill sets to the next level with courses such as the Interactive Data Visualization course. Upon completion of this certificate, students will be able to apply the core principles of data visualization and graphic design principles to transform data into information and to create compelling and engaging visualization using data visualization tools.
  • Full Stack Web Development: The Certificate in Full Stack Web Development is designed for professionals at all stages of their careers who want to gain the foundational knowledge necessary to work as a web developer. The growth in employment of web developers over the next decade is expected to be much higher than the average of all professions due to increased usage of mobile devices and e-commerce. Students will begin the program by learning to build static websites with HTML, Mobile-First Design, CSS, JavaScript, and Github. They will go on to build master and detail single page applications with React as well as Rest APIs with Nodejs. Advanced topics include building single page applications that interact with APIs with forms. Students may choose to learn how to program in Python and integrate their web applications with Python and the MySQL database engine. Each course emphasizes techniques, tools and work practices used to create professional-caliber websites.
  • Project Management Fundamental Tools and Techniques: The Certificate in Project Management Fundamental Tools and Techniques is designed to provide students with the foundational knowledge needed to effectively manage projects. Organizations undertake projects to achieve strategic objectives, to meet the needs of their customers, and to keep their operations functioning smoothly. Successful project execution requires a mix of technical competencies and soft skills. Aligned with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), the curriculum provides students with opportunities to design, develop, and deliver project management artifacts and to prepare for managing real-world initiatives. In addition, the certificate satisfies the  necessary educational requirements for completion of the PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam.

  • Software Development with Python: The Certificate in Software Development with Python is intended for anyone who wants to learn how to use the Python software language to create professional-caliber applications. Python’s accessibility, simplicity and wide use have made it more popular as a first choice for novices learning to write software code. Python developers can also leverage powerful, well-known code libraries and frameworks such as Pandas, NumPy and matplotlib to create applications used for statistical analysis and data visualization. Students will learn both the fundamentals and advanced features of the language and popular libraries using industry-standard tools and practices employed by professional development teams. Courses will emphasize ways to test and optimize code for performance and efficiency. Students may also choose to learn the basics of full-stack web development, JavaScript and how to integrate their Python programs with web applications and the MySQL database engine.