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UX Design

  • Builds Skills in UX and UI Design
  • Defines Design Approach by User Need
  • Focuses on Features and Functionality

Gain real-world skills and knowledge to be better able to design and develop superior user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designs, which are critical to the success of any website or mobile app. Courses cover web and mobile with an emphasis on learning the skills that are in high demand in this rapidly growing industry.

Enterprise UX

Learn how to combat the difficulties that legacy systems present to UX design and to document highly detailed feature sets.

2 sections

UX Advanced Studio

Experience the real-life aspects of UX by analyzing preexisting case studies in mobile, interactive, and larger scale website developments.

2 sections

UX Optimization

Apply UX to align business objectives and customer needs to create a product that provides value to customers within defined business constraints.

2 sections

UX Portfolio

Apply fundamentals learned in previous UX courses and work on a final project that demonstrates your capabilities as a well-rounded UX designer.

2 sections

UX in Physical Space

Learn to conceive and design customer experiences within the physical space using digital technologies and interfaces.

2 sections

Understanding Development for Designers

Acquire the foundational knowledge to communicate effectively with programmers, developers, and others in order to conceive and create UX projects.

2 sections

User Experience (UX) Design I

Acquire the skills to generate a user experience (UX) that integrates the needs of the user with the application.

2 sections

User Experience (UX) II

Explore UX methods for influencing user behavior in ways that best meet your business goals.

2 sections

Visual Design for UX

Acquire specific design recommendations, examine numerous models, and receive insights to increase your UX project’s visual appeal.

2 sections

Mobile UX

Develop UX for a site and learn how to craft a positive user experience for mobile websites and apps.

1 section

Advanced User Research

Learn how to apply a number of different qualitative and quantitative research methods to create user-centered products and services.