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Make It Here From Literally Anywhere.

NYU SPS offers a variety of 100% online degrees, on-site degrees, and hybrid degrees—as well as continuing education classes and certificates—that meet students’ lifestyles, learning needs, and career goals. Each online program and course is structured with assignments to complete on your own time and offers opportunities for live online interaction with students and faculty. Additionally, online degree and hybrid degree students have access to the same NYU SPS academic, career, and emotional support services as on-site degree students to help you navigate school, work, and life—as well as student-run clubs, mixer events, career panels, and more to connect with peers, industry professionals, and alums in the NYU SPS community.


  • Tailored Flexibility: Our online programs and online courses are designed with your lifestyle in mind. Choose from a variety of options, including part-time, full-time, weekend, and evening online classes, as well as live and on-demand classes. We adapt to your schedule so you can excel on your terms.

  • Versatile Learning: Whether you prefer in-person, a hybrid approach, or 100% online learning, we've got you covered. The rigorous education, tight-knit community, and masterful instruction are the same no matter which modality fits you best.

  • Career-Driven Online Education: Our online programs and online courses are crafted to propel your career forward. Dive into real-world experiences and engaging projects that will bolster your professional portfolio, making you an unstoppable force in your career.

  • Comprehensive Support: We offer a holistic support system, encompassing academic, career, social, and emotional assistance. We're here to help you balance the demands of school, work, and life, to ensure your success.

  • Interactive Learning: Join weekly live interactions with our accomplished professors and like-minded classmates. Collaborative learning experiences foster connections and enhance your understanding of the material.

  • Structured Excellence: Our structured online curriculum comes with weekly assignments that keep you on track and engaged with a clear path to success.

  • Community Connection: Become a valued member of our tight-knit SPS community. Your faculty are leaders in their fields, and your classmates bring a wide breadth of global experience into the classroom. Attend online student clubs and networking events, and be inspired by fellow lifelong learners who share your interests and are as ambitious, creative, and innovative as you are.

  • Expert Guidance: Learn directly from industry experts in your chosen field. Benefit from their wealth of knowledge and practical insights you can apply to your career now, and tap into their global network of experts.

  • Seamless Progression: If you're an undergraduate student in DAUS, enjoy seamless credit transfers and recognition of your prior learning. Maximize your potential with up to 60 credits toward an associates degree and up to 80 credits towards a bachelor’s degree awarded for your previous achievements.

Online Master’s Degrees

Many of our undergraduate and graduate degree programs offer 100% online, on-site, and hybrid options. Check each degree page for details. Be sure to indicate which mode of study—online, on-site, or hybrid—you prefer when applying.

Finance, Management & Technology

A financial planner sits at her desk while meeting with a client.

MS in Financial Planning

Prepare for financial planning jobs in private practice, finance, investments, & wealth management.

30 credits | 100% Online, On-site, or Hybrid Degree Program

A project management master’s degree student writes on a glass dry erase board.

MS in Project Management (STEM)

Delivers leadership, business, and technical skills required to manage projects across industries.

36 credits | 100% Online, On-site, or Hybrid Degree Program

Online management and systems master’s degree students huddle around a computer screen while engaging in online learning.

MS in Management and Systems (STEM)

Combines management information systems and tech with business strategies that drive innovation and successful enterprises.

42 credits | 100% Online, On-site, or Hybrid Degree Program

A futuristic holographic vision and global network appears above a tablet on a table during a meeting with multiple people.

MS in Global Security, Conflict, and Cybercrime (STEM)

Addresses transnational security issues arising from cybercrime, cyberconflict, and cyberwar.

36 credits | 100% Online, On-site, or Hybrid Degree Program

An Earth marble rolls on a grass sports field.

MS in Global Sport

Builds knowledge and critical skills in key facets of sports business in the global marketplace.

36 credits | Online Degree Program with four, 1-week residencies

Hospitality, Event, and Tourism Management

A rear view of master’s degree students sitting in chairs in a seminar room while watching and listening to a person deliver a speech.

MS in Event Management

Provides event management skills in finance, marketing, production, risk management, and data analytics.

36 credits | 100% Online, On-site, or Hybrid Degree Program

A large crystal chandelier shines above a winding staircase in a hotel.

MS in Global Hospitality Management

Imparts the skills for successful careers in international hospitality companies and organizations.

36 credits | 100% Online, On-site, or Hybrid Degree Program

A photo of Milford Sound in Fiodland National Park in the southwest of New Zealand’s South Island.

MS in Travel and Tourism Management

Explores the global tourism industry from the effects of new technologies to destination marketing.

36 credits | 100% Online, On-site, or Hybrid Degree Program

Human Capital Management & Development

A closeup of a woman executive with glasses in the foreground and other workers blurred out in the background.

MS in Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting

Addresses the demand for highly skilled, academically trained coaching and consulting professionals.

30 credits | 100% Online, Onsite, or Hybrid Degree Program

A blurred photo of online master's degree students huddled around a tablet is overlaid with location, people, donut chart, and connections icons.

MS in Human Capital Analytics and Technology (STEM)

Prepares business analytics professionals with deep expertise in people and organization management.

30 credits | 100% Online, Onsite, or Hybrid Degree Program

A director points at a tablet during a meeting with her coworkers in a conference room.

MS in Human Capital Management

*Coming Soon for Fall 2024*

Provides expertise in effectively leading and managing talent in global organizations.

30 credits | 100% Online, On-site, or Hybrid Degree Program

Integrated Marketing & Public Relations

Provides expertise in marketing strategy, communications, public relations, and related areas.

Executive marketing and strategic communications master's degree program students discuss strategies in front of a whiteboard.

Executive MS in Marketing and Strategic Communications

Prepares marketing and communications professionals for leadership roles across industries.

30 credits | Online Degree Program with a 1-2 week residency

Professional Writing and Translation

A left-handed professional writer points a pen on a page in a packet during a meeting with another person at the table.

MS in Professional Writing

Prepares confident writers with the skills to craft strategic copy for companies and clients.

36 credits | 100% Online Degree Program

Online Master of Science in Translation and Interpreting students look at a computer monitor.

MS in Translation & Interpreting

Develops textual, cultural, and technical competencies in communication across languages.

36 credits | 100% Online Degree Program

Online Undergraduate Degree Completion

BA in Social Sciences students gather around a laptop while one student points her pen at the laptop monitor.

BA in Social Sciences

Think critically and creatively, solve problems, and bring a deeper understanding of the world and its complexities with a choice of 11 concentrations.

128 credits | 100% Online, On-site, or Hybrid Degree Program

A leadership and management student is sitting in class while looking up and smiling.

BS in Leadership and Management Studies

Provides a strong foundation in leadership and management principles—leadership, communications, and team-building.

128 credits | 100% Online, On-site, or Hybrid Degree Program

A woman online information systems degree student is in a computer information systems facility.

BS in Information Systems Management (STEM)

Learn to design, operate, and evaluate technology options to meet an organization's needs.

128 credits | 100% Online, On-site, or Hybrid Degree Program

Online Associate Degrees

Students are having a meeting in front of a railing.

AAS in Business

Prepare for and pursue a career in a business environment that is growing and evolving.

60 credits | 100% Online, On-site, or Hybrid Degree Program

An IT professional stands in front of a digital display while giving a presentation.

AAS in Information Systems Management

Prepare for jobs in the fast-growing tech sector.

60 credits | 100% Online, On-site, or Hybrid Degree Program

A right-handed student writes with a pencil in a notebook.

AA in Liberal Arts

Gain the critical thinking, analytical, and writing skills hiring managers seek.

60 credits | 100% Online, On-site, or Hybrid Degree Program


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