Master's Degrees

The NYU School of Professional Studies offers 19 master's degrees that immerse you in learning experiences, which provide immediately applicable skills, an invaluable global perspective, and unmatched networking opportunities.

Gain the Competitive Advantage

The NYUSPS unique brand of industry focused graduate education sets you apart, encouraging you to think strategically, lead decisively, and anticipate what lies ahead. Taught by top experts in their fields, every program we offer affords you the chance to gain professional experience and to expand your network. From internships at top corporations, to transformative career coaching, to study away opportunities around the world, you are armed with what it takes to succeed, and prepared with an NYU education that will serve you a lifetime. 

MS in Construction Management

Affords the expertise needed to effectively lead a construction project or business.

MS in Event Management

Provides event management skills in finance, marketing, production, risk mgmt, data analytics.

MS in Global Affairs

Provides the knowledge and perspectives for becoming a successful professional in the global arena.

MS in Global Security, Conflict, and Cybercrime (STEM)

Addresses transnational security issues arising from cybercrime, cyberconflict, and cyberwar.

MS in Global Sport

Builds knowledge and critical skills in key facets of sports business in the global marketplace.

MS in Hospitality Industry Studies

Imparts the skills for successful careers in international hospitality companies and organizations.

MS in Human Capital Analytics and Technology (STEM)

Prepares business analytics professionals with deep expertise in people and organization management.

MS in Human Resource Management and Development

Affords expertise in effectively leading and managing talent in global organizations.

MS in Integrated Marketing

Imparts the knowledge and skills to create compelling marketing campaigns and grow market share.

MS in Management and Systems (STEM)

Combines management info. systems and tech w/business strategies that drive successful enterprises.

MS in Professional Writing

Builds cultural competency, digital dexterity, and rhetorical discipline needed for great writing.

MS in Project Management (STEM)

Delivers leadership, business, and technical skills required to manage projects across industries.

MS in Public Relations and Corporate Communication

Provides knowledge and skills to manage PR in the globally focused, digitally driven environment.

MS in Publishing

Delivers the skills and media proficiency to attract new audiences in the publishing industry.

MS in Real Estate

Explores finance and investment, development, legal principles, economics, and market analysis.

MS in Real Estate Development

Delivers knowledge and skills to find creative, sustainable solutions for real estate development.

MS in Sports Business

Provides the insight to build strong brands, deliver engaging content, and win the game worldwide.

MS in Tourism Management

Explores the global tourism industry from the effects of new technologies to destination marketing.

MS in Translation

Develops textual, cultural, and technical competencies in communication across languages.