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Information Security

  • Taught by Top Industry Experts
  • Focuses on Information Assurance
  • Evaluates Security of Computers and Networks

Information security is a top priority for companies and organizations around the globe. These courses provide the skills required to implement effective information security controls including networking technologies, operating systems administration, information policy, intrusion detection, security administration, and industry best practices to protect data communications and presents real-world cybersecurity scenarios encountered in the work place.

Data Security and Disaster Recovery

Learn how to secure and protect data from theft, unauthorized disclosure, and data corruption.

2017 Summer
+ 1 more semester
2 sections

Advanced Information Systems Security

Explore strategies and specific approaches for the enforcement of IT security controls that address current compliance requirements.

Computer and Cyber Forensics

Study advanced topics and recent developments and applications in computer forensics, including tools, techniques, and investigation procedures.

Cyber Security: Advanced Topics

Write your own tools and learn about password cracking, port scanning, fuzzing, exploit development, and web application scanners.

Cyber Security: Defending Technology Assets

Find out how to design and build trusted and secure IT systems in this lab-based course.

Cyber Security: Essentials

This course introduces cybersecurity core concepts: risk, governance, access control, incident response, auditing/monitoring, and recovery.

Cyber Security: Hacking Understood

Assume the role of a hacker and use the latest tools and techniques to attack a system.

Securing Web Applications: Hacking Understood

Analyze, build, and test more secure web applications by learning common attack vectors.