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Databases: Design, Operations, and Management

  • Examines Database Systems
  • Employs Popular Software Packages
  • Explores Data Modeling and Warehousing

Learn to strategically develop sound architecture and design as you gain skills in implementing operational databases that help organizations to successfully manage business processes and provide business intelligence. Develop strategies to administer, fine-tune, and maintain databases, in addition to acquiring the business acumen needed to excel in the IT industry.

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services Fundamentals

Learn to use MS Integration Services to develop and automate extraction, transformation, and loading processes.

2019 Summer
1 section

SQL Programming Language

Learn to use SQL to select, update, insert, and delete data from database tables, and acquire hands-on experience with both Oracle and MySQL.

2019 Summer
1 section

Microsoft SQL Server Administration

This skill-based course teaches you how to design and administer SQL Server databases.

2019 Summer
1 section

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services Solutions

Learn how to implement an Analysis Services solution in an organization.

2019 Summer
1 section

Advanced SQL Programming

Expand your skills in SQL, one of the most sought-after technical skills in the market today.

Clinical Database Systems

Learn to design and implement a healthcare database and to interact with vendor databases using SQL.

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

Through hands-on training and lectures, learn to implement a Reporting Services solution in an organization.

Oracle Database 11g: Administer a Data Warehouse

Gain an understanding of the basic concepts of administering a data warehouse.

Oracle Database 12c: Introduction to SQL

This SQL introduction helps you to write subqueries, combine multiple queries into a single query, and report aggregated data.