November 10, 2021

Tisch Center Student DaRyung Han Tells Us about her Internship with the T.I.C. Restaurant Group

DaRyung Han is a student in the M.S in Hospitality Management at the Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality. In this post, she tells us more about her internship this fall semester.

Where are you interning and what is your job title?                            

I am interning at Rai Rai Ken x Curry Ya (part of the T.I.C restaurant group). The T.I.C. Restaurant group has introduced culinary destinations to everyone who wants to enjoy Japan without airfare, each one unique in its authentic tastes and traditions. My official job title is operation intern. 

What projects have you been working on so far?                                 

Most of what I do is in overall operations work, such as invoices, inventory and even making different types of manuals. Additionally, I prepare documents for hiring new employees and update the checklist for everybody’s working shifts. My tasks/responsibilities help to make the restaurant more stable and allow future, new employees to quickly settle into their jobs.

Have there been any challenges in your internship so far? If so, how have you learned to overcome them?                                            

I find that I always need more time to write emails to suppliers or send notice texts to all employees. My managers are really kind and tell me not to be ashamed of this challenge! I am learning to communicate more productively through advice from my managers, and I have also learned to make templates for emails so that I can send them as quickly as possible!

What do you hope to take away from your internship?                      

I have always been interested in the restaurant business and this internship is a good chance to learn more about it.  Before I went to graduate school, I got a lot of experience in the culinary world. Getting more experience with FOH and operational work, though, allows me to learn about restaurants from a different lens. Additionally, my managers are very good at dealing with customers and business clients, so I love learning from them in that regard as well.

What are your future plans?                                                                    

In the near future, I hope to gain more experience at this company; my opt visa allows me (as a foreign student) to work for another year. After that, I hope to continue to work in the restaurant industry. Of course, nothing is decided, but my internship experience will surely benefit me in my future.

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