February 23, 2021

Tisch Center Internship Spotlight: Joe Pagliazzo, Cannonball Productions

Joe Pagliazzo is a student in the BS in Hotel and Tourism Management at the Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality. In this post, he tells us more about his internship this spring semester.

Where are you interning and what is your job title?

I am interning at Cannonball Productions, an event management and production company specializing in creating exciting food and beverage activations in cities across the country. They work to bring together national and local vendors to provide people with the opportunity to taste new and exciting products in a social setting. My job title is Event Production Intern.

What projects have you been working on so far?

I’ve been mainly working with the production team as a promotional liaison between Cannonball Productions and the hundreds of vendors they use for events such as food and beverage, staffing, rentals, and security. I have also been working on innovative research for new food and beverage concepts and event venues that fit the pandemic's ever-changing regulations and unique climate.

Have there been any challenges in your internship so far? If so, how have you learned to overcome them?

In the few short months that I've been an intern at Cannonball Productions, I've had countless experiences of learning and growth. As I continue to navigate new situations each day, I have had to build up my confidence when speaking with various clients to achieve the best outcome to align with the company's current goals. Especially given that the internship is fully remote, I've learned to overcome by developing a sense of independence during my workdays, but also making sure to stay in communication with my fellow team members to bounce ideas off them.

What do you hope to take away from your internship?

By the semester's end, I hope that I know if event production and management is a sector of the hospitality industry that I am interested in pursuing at a career level. I also hope to gain various new industry skills, such as assertive communication and negotiation. Lastly, I will strive to create and maintain a network of professionals and colleagues that I can stay in contact with throughout my career post-graduation.

What are your future plans?

I plan to complete additional internships in numerous other hospitality concentrations before graduation to make sure to find the right path for me. Specifically, I would like to fulfill an internship role in either hotel or restaurant operations. Studying away is also a goal of mine post-pandemic, to experience hospitality on a more global scale. I plan to graduate in 2023 and will continue my hospitality endeavors wherever they take me!

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