Welcome from the Associate Dean

Vince Gennaro

Associate Dean and Clinical Associate Professor

The Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport is a globally ranked leader in undergraduate and graduate sports business education. Our goal is not only to prepare our students for the challenges and opportunities of this exciting field, but also to give them the tools to become future leaders in the industry. The Tisch Institute for Global Sport is dedicated to developing leaders of Sport by cultivating agile, adaptive thinkers, who are relentlessly customer-focused, embrace high ethical standards, are committed to broaden access of sport globally, and stand for social causes that will improve society.

We pride ourselves on being on the leading edge of the industry revolution. This is apparent in our connections to the eSports sector, cutting-edge research initiatives, exploration of sports technology, including virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and the utilization of latest social media metrics. We are constantly monitoring the most current trends and adapting.  As a sports analytics practitioner, I'm constantly exploring emerging technologies so that the Tisch Institute can be among the first to integrate new insights into the classroom.

Our Transformation Thru Sport initiative is a program through which our students can effectively and thoughtfully engage with the community and use sport to effect change for good. Our goal is to instill in our students a habit of service and involvement. The Tisch Institute for Global Sport strives to be the program of choice for students interested in community engagement, altruism for underserved groups, and diplomacy through sport.

Our location in the heart of New York City means that the opportunities to connect with the current leaders on the sports industry are limitless. We also have the advantage of NYU’s global reach around the world, and we are able to give our students unparalleled sports experiences abroad. Our faculty is drawn from the professional sports industry community, which leads to deep, meaningful connections—an asset to students in the classroom, pursuing the many local internship opportunities, and building a lifelong career network.

We are very proud of today's Tisch Institute, but that only serves as motivation to achieve even greater heights. My commitment to our students, our 1,000+ alumni, our faculty members and administrators, and our sports industry partners and friends, is that we will be an even greater force tomorrow as we strive to reach our ultimate goal—the undisputed global leader in sports business education. We hope you will join us for what proves to be a most rewarding journey.

Vince Gennaro

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