Sport Management

NYUSPS Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport

Planning Your Journey

Your academic advisor is available to support you during the coming months as you prepare to join us in January and throughout your time at NYU SPS. Your advisor will answer questions you might have about course selection, graduation requirements, academic options, and leadership and service opportunities. He/she is there to provide the support and guidance you need to be successful.

Please feel free to contact Marilyn Williams at For more general questions, reach out to the Office of Student Affairs at

Your First-Year Experience

You'll complete your first-year curriculum during the spring and summer terms. Enrollment in summer session is required for all spring-start students in order to allow them to complete their degree on time.

Your Spring and Summer curriculum:

  • Provides the foundational academic experience in the liberal arts
  • Introduces you to core concepts in sports management
  • Enhances critical and communication skills that are essential to every field through a two-course sequence in writing. 
Vince Gennaro

Vince Gennaro

Associate Dean and Clinical Associate Professor

Spring Semester

Strategies for Academic Success

Writing Workshop I

Introductions to Macroeconomics OR

Statistical Methods

Summer Semester

Writing Workshop II

Introductions to Microeconomics OR

Natural Science OR

Social Science or Humanities Elective