May 3, 2021

Engaged and Participatory Media Class Develops Earth Day Projects

By Mechthild Schmidt Feist, Clinical Professor, DAUS

To commemorate Earth Month (April 2021), DAUS students in the course, Engaged and Participatory Media, presented projects related to climate change and sustainability. Here, Professor Mechthild Schmidt Feist, shares a few highlights from the event. Mechthild Schmidt Feist is a Clinical Professor for Digital Communications and Media at DAUS, where she teaches Engaged and Participatory Media, Motion Design II: Effects and Compositing, and Media History: Art, Design, and Technology.

We spent several weeks analyzing texts and mass media, measuring them against ethical criteria in the changing landscapes of social and participatory media. This learning shaped the Engaged Media + Citizenship project where student teams developed an environmental media campaign around local awareness-building ready to present on Earth Day. The project ended with an analysis of social media feedback and a team debriefing. These projects can also be found on the SPS Media Club Facebook page.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reduce Carbon Footprint a 30 sec concept-film or Public Service announcement (PSA) by Janine Zhang (Director), Enzo Shu (Editor, Social Media Promotion), Zilin Yi (Cinematography) + Ruoyun Huang (Social Media Promotion)

Plastics Around the World

Plastics Around the World, Valeria Galvan: Plastics on Florida beaches; Winnie Lee: Plastics on Taipei markets; Lucy Tian: Plastics in Beijing take-out, animation 3:26min

Say No to Single-Use Plastic

Say No to Single-Use Plastic (Are You Eating Seafood or Plastic?) NYU SPS public computer screensaver, poster + social media campaign (English + Chinese). Designs by:  Chloe Y Wang, Zilu Wang, Xinyue Fu


Mask4Earth: Design series on reusable masks + best recycle by: Julia Smith (Social Media, Branding, Design), Pavitra Wilson (Design, Branding, Research), Irina Jiang (Social Media, Writing), Abigail Younger (Design, Graphics) View on US (FB, Instagram) and Chinese social media apps: Wechat public account ID: Mask4Earth, Redbook ID (小红书): 646006285

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