Mechthild Schmidt Feist

Clinical Professor

Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies

  • MA, Art University Berlin, Germany
  • MA, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
  • MA, Hunter College, NYC
Contact Info

Mechthild Schmidt Feist is Professor for Digital Communications and Media at NYU-SPS, DAUS. Building on fine arts and history studies in Berlin, Mechthild has worked in digital media since her DAAD graduate grant and Whitney-ISP Fellowship brought her to New York. She worked as an artist and award-winning designer for major studios and artists (Editel, HBO, ARRI-Munich, Alexander Kluge, Ornette Coleman, Nam June Paik) and is the designer of the German Filmprize award statue.

She has exhibited and lectured widely (Siggraph, NMC@Princeton, Bauhaus-Dessau). Her recent lectures
“Engaged Media” at NYU and universities in Asia (Singapore, HCMC, Fudan U Shanghai, ISEA Korea) explored themes of motion and time in digital Spaces connecting her interest in environmental and ethical use of media – in her art practice as well as her teaching.

In spring 2020 Mechthild is a Fulbright-Nehru fellow at the Srishti Institute for Art, Design + Technology in
Bangalore, India continuing her practice on environmental media art advocacy.

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