January 23, 2023

Episode #3 – "How Blockchains Can Provide a Better Experience"

Welcome to The Whole Metaverse, a NYU School of Professional Studies Metaverse Collaborative podcast, where we explore the ever-expanding metaverse and web3 landscape. We see these rapidly-developing virtual platforms as “flattening technology.” The metaverse has the potential to dramatically change the game and create tipping points across industries, whether you are in tourism, sports, luxury goods, real estate or just about any other profession for that matter.

As lifelong learners, our students, educators, and world-class partners are eager to learn, share, and influence the implications of this next-generation technology and its role in our professions and lives. Every episode we’ll talk to pioneers leading the way in this new world and learn from their experiences. If you want to join us on this journey, spend time with our podcasts.

Featured Guest: Brian Trunzo, Polygon Studios, Metaverse Lead

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