October 24, 2023

Some Future Day: Microsoft and Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Gaming

Yorke Rhodes is the Director of Digital Transformation, Blockchain at Microsoft in the Cloud Hardware Supply Chain group. He focuses on supply chain strategy and transformation using blockchain as a pillar of change. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Digital & Ecommerce Marketing at NYU.

In this episode, Yorke dives into the new internet tech stack of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Web3. From self-sovereignty and control over personal data to the potential for digital asset ownership, we explore the possibilities and advancements in the blockchain space. Join us as we discuss Microsoft's evolution with AI in productivity tools, the emergence of Web 3 technologies, and the importance of trust and authenticity in the digital realm.

Key Topics:

  • The New Internet Tech Stack: AI, Blockchain, and Web3
  • Digital Identity & Ownership
  • Zero-knowledge Proof
  • Deep Fakes: Digital Authenticity & Provenance
  • Worldcoin & biometric security
  • How Artificial Intelligence is impacting programming and coding
  • Acquisition of Activision the impact on Microsoft
  • AI as a copilot: Microsoft's evolution with AI enhancement across its product suite

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