December 19, 2023

Some Future Day: Exploring Tech and Truth in Israel

Hillel Fuld is a renowned entrepreneur and advisor to leading tech companies such as Google, Oracle and Huawei. He sits at the center of the new tech ecosystem. He was referred to by Forbes as the "Man Helping Transform Startup Nation Into Scale-Up Nation," and he was recently named Israel's top marketer. On this episode, he discusses why he thinks technology can be used to make our lives better. He reflects on Israel's presence on a global scale as a leader in innovation and the development of technological advancements like Waze, WaterGen, Iron Dome, and more. Fuld also mentioned the impact of Israeli innovation on sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, and education. The discussion also centers on the rise of global anti-Semitism, the impact of radical Islam and the recent atrocities committed by Hamas in October 2023.

Key Topics:

  • Why Israel is Leading the Way in Technological Innovation
  • How Technology Can Improve Our Lives if Used in the Right Way
  • Missile Defense Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Autonomous Cars
  • Atmospheric Water Generation

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