October 10, 2023

Some Future Day: America's Mental Health Crisis

Mayor Hillary Schieve was elected as the Mayor of Reno in 2014. She is serving her last term as Mayor and is currently the President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. She is also an entrepreneur with a passion for using technology and innovation to improve her community. In this episode, we get into some pressing issues facing our society, from our antiquated government and the need for election reform to our current mental health crisis.

Key Topics:

  • Technology and innovation in government
  • How blockchain technology can improve our record-keeping and election process
  • A proactive approach to America's mental health crisis
  • Bringing jobs and innovation by bringing a Telsa Gigafactory to Reno
  • The need for election reform
  • Her story of stalking and finding a GPS tracker on her car
  • How mental illness and drug addiction has affected Mayor Schieve personally

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