September 13, 2019

HYPE Sports Innovation Reveals Its 2019 Sports-Blockchain Demo-Day Startup Cohort

Ten high-impact sports-blockchain startups will pitch to leading blockchain investors and VCs at an event hosted by the NYUSPS Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport, which will be held on September 18th, 2019

New York, NY, September 13, 2019HYPE Sports Innovation, a global network of zero-equity and virtual sports-technology startup accelerators, announced the exclusive group of 10 early-stage startups that will be pitching in front of blockchain and sports industry investors and VCs at the prestigious demo-day, which will be held at NYU, on September 18, 2019. The demos and pitches mark the culmination of the intensive three-month-long HYPE Blockchain Accelerator program, which was launched in collaboration with the Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport of the NYU School of Professional Studies (NYUSPS), TON Labs, Sportradar, and ISDE. The startups were rigorously selected by HYPE and its partners in June of this year, and they represent the top 9% of applications from around the world in this space.

“With our specific focus on sports technology, we see that blockchain is an ideal enabling technology for the full gamut of emerging sports transformations,” said Vince Gennaro, associate dean at the NYUSPS Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport. "Our relationship with HYPE Sports Innovation, a global leader in capital for sports tech and innovation, represents a perfect match for our industry-centric approach coupled with academic excellence.”

Led by Dr. Nir Ben Lavi, the CEO of HYPE US, and through its global network of accelerators, HYPE Sports Innovation identifies the world’s highest-impact, highest-potential sports-technology startups, and helps them to successfully launch, grow, and secure funding. HYPE’s sport-blockchain accelerator is the organization’s twelfth unique accelerator program and is designed to identify the most promising companies working on blockchain applications that aim to improve the world of sports. The program includes an intensive, two-day bootcamp, personalized mentoring processes, weekly remote classes from top experts, and access to an unrivaled ecosystem all culminating in the demo-day in front of partners, investors, and sports clubs. Previous HYPE accelerator programs have partnered with leading sports brands such as FC Cologne and Shakhtar Donetsk, as well as with leading universities from around the world such as the University of Queensland and Loughborough University.

As part of HYPE’s 2019 cohort, the selected startups will continue to have unrivaled access to expert mentorship from top sports and blockchain executives, thought leaders, and corporate partners. The startups will also continue to engage in HYPE’s virtual curriculum, which has been designed to address key challenges throughout each phase of the early-stage lifecycle, including discovery, development, deployment, and distribution.

HYPE expects dozens of sports-technology and blockchain focused investors to attend the event in order to consider the startups’ pitches.

2019 HYPE Sports-Blockchain Cohort
(Hong Kong): Bethereum combines Blockchain and gamification to deliver the most innovative and engaging betting platform on the market. Offering betting on sports, eSports, and third-party games, it delivers unique social elements and maximum simplicity for a truly rewarding experience. The platform also has an important B2B angle, including white-label offerings and revenue share from third-party developer integration.

Instant Sponsor (United States): Instant Sponsor is a blockchain-powered global sports sponsorship marketplace. Our platform provides an integrated solution to seamlessly connect sponsors and rights holders across sports, eSports, entertainment, business, and lifestyle via a blockchain and smart contract powered P2P platform. Our integrated system incorporates industry-leading tools and ROI metrics into a vast catalog of available inventory.

Lympo (United States): Lympo is a health and fitness app that uses an incentivization model and rewards people for living healthy lifestyles. Behind that, they are building blockchain based user-generated user-owned data sharing marketplace uniting various health apps, wearables, smart gyms, and data-driven companies.

Vanywhere (Israel): Vanywhere is a brand new platform that incentivizes brand advocates to work on behalf of the brand. These aren’t mere employees. Their trustworthy power comes from the fact that they are unofficial brand ambassadors - they’re actual people who love and live sports. Vanywhere provides new customer experiences by creating a dialog via live video, voice, or chat.

PUML (Australia): PUML - Personal Units and Movement Levels, is a new HealthTech platform that helps incentivize active movement through a sophisticated rewards protocol based on blockchain technology. It includes a secure digital health record specializing in wearable data to help with early diagnosis of lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

SportZblock (Australia): SportZblock is a blockchain powered private social network for clubs fusing the proven trio of betting, social media, and e-commerce (marketing, sales, and advertising) that captures, attributes, and distributes digital rights to clubs via securing ownership of data at the source. It offers the world’s first architecture for monetization of member social media and collective data with crypto incentives for sustained fan engagement and an open portal for third-party digital rights capture incorporating digital betting and incentivized advertising.

IQONIQ (Monaco): IQONIQ is a revolutionary fan engagement and social media ecosystem that exclusively targets the sports, media, and entertainment industry. A best-of-breed social engagement platform that enables leagues, clubs, and athletes to better manage and monetize the value of their global fragmented fan base and social media assets. The platform uses blockchain to record fan behavior including incentives, engagement, rewards, and redemption.

Peerspoint (Switzerland): A non-profit + for-profit market blockchain platform core for supporting athletes, and sport federations; securing performance data, health/drug data, promoting gender and socioeconomic equality, and AI/ML data-driven governance to tackle widespread malpractice.

Globatalent (Spain): Globtalent blockchain Sports Exchange. A global marketplace for the sport industry. We developed a tool that can be used by clubs and athletes to finance themselves and improve their fan engagement. Giving fans the opportunity to contribute and have a participation in their favorite athletes, sports idols, clubs, and more. Athletes can obtain funds to focus on developing their career. Clubs can obtain financing in exchange for a percentage of their future incomes from tickets, sponsorship, television rights and more, in a secure and transparent way.

Tixico (Latvia): Tixico is an EOS blockchain-based ticketing service designed for both the primary and secondary market.

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