Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport

Our Mission

We strive to develop sports industry leaders who navigate change and who embrace the transformative power of Sport. Our vision is to be the global leader in sports business education by combining an industry-centric approach with academic excellence.

Leading Edge Market-Driven Curriculum

The Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport brings top industry professionals to the classroom on a daily basis to share their real world knowledge of best practices and business strategies with you.

New York City: Sports Capital of the World

With its plethora of legendary venues, world-renown franchises, sports television networks, and headquarters of five major sporting leagues, New York City is the ideal setting to prepare for a career in the sports industry.

Job Placement Rates

High career outcomes for graduates who secured positions or enrolled in school within six months: 100% for undergraduate programs 97% for masters programs.


MS in Global Sport

The MS in Global Sport offers a low-residency program designed for busy professionals.

Leadership Speakers on Campus

This series brings our student body into the conversation about the future of the Sport’s Industry.

Tisch Institute in the News

Our faculty members and administrators are often called upon by the media.

Research & initiatives

We believe our students represent the future of the sports industry. They will be changing and recreating the business in unimagined ways. Our research and initiatives are pivotal in showing students how to think globally, critically, and creatively.

The Business of eSports

Since Fall 2018, the first course of its kind  on the Business of Esports in New York City.

Transformative Power of Sports

Transformation Thru Sport allows our students to effectively and thoughtfully use sport to effect change for good. The Tisch Institute strives to be the program of choice for students interested in community engagement, altruism for underserved groups, and diplomacy through sport.


Working with Fox Sports and Consumer Research firm Egg Strategy, the Tisch Institute for Global Sport is researching the growing influence of Millennial and Gen Z sports fans and how they’re disrupting the traditional industry model.

Blockchain for Sports Initiative

We've developed the first Blockchain for Sports course, and have partnered with HYPE Sports Innovation on a comprehensive blockchain sports initiative, including a bootcamp for startups, an accelerator, and a demo day to match startups with venture capitalists.

Real-World Sports Courses

These innovative courses provide students with opportunities to develop professional portfolios, build networks, and establish footholds to the industry. Industry leaders can see students demonstrating high-level strategic thinking, potentially leading to interviews and employment opportunities.


Whether you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree or a graduate degree with a specific focus, the Tisch Institute provides a stellar education that prepares you for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Watch our overview video.


The Tisch Institute offers competitive undergraduate and graduate programs with opportunities for internships, experiential learning, and industry events that offer an unparalleled opportunity to learn from leaders in New York City and around the globe.

Program Structure

Hybrid Program
Blended Program
Low Residency Program
Campus Program
Online Program

BS in Sports Management

Campus program

The BS in Sports Management prepares students for exciting careers in the multibillion-dollar international business of sports. They are equipped with the professional expertise necessary to lead and promote sports organizations, develop and manage entrepreneurial ventures in the sport industry, and produce major sporting and entertainment events.

MS in Sports Business

Campus program

The MS in Sports Business integrates business theory with industry-specific analysis and insight that are immediately applicable in the sports professional’s working environment. This 36-credit, full- or part-time degree program consists of a sequence of core courses, electives in emerging areas of study, and a capstone in Sports Business.


MS in Global Sport

Low-residency program

The program, designed for busy professionals from around the world, is offered predominantly online, requiring only four one-week residencies—two in New York City and two at NYU global locations. Students in this innovative program acquire comprehensive knowledge and critical skills in key facets of sports business.

Sports Management Fundamentals

Campus program

The Fundamentals of Global Sports Management is a fully online course offered by Yellowbrick, a leader in online education, that showcases the faculty of the Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport. This course is an overview of the emerging career opportunities in the dynamic and fast-growing global sports industry.

See All Faculty

See All

Brianna L Newland

Clinical Associate Professor

Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport

David S Abrams

Clinical Associate Professor

Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport

Daniel G Kelly II

Clinical Associate Professor

Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport

Message from the Dean
Vince Gennaro
Associate Dean and Clincial Associate Professor

The Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport is a globally ranked leader in graduate and undergraduate sports business education. Our goal is not only to prepare our students for the challenges and opportunities of this exciting field, but also to give them the tools to become future leaders in the industry. The Tisch Institute for Global Sport is dedicated to developing leaders of Sport by cultivating agile, adaptive thinkers, who are relentlessly customer-focused, embrace high ethical standards, are committed to broaden access of sport globally, and stand for social causes that will improve society.


We pride ourselves on being on the leading edge of the industry revolution. This is apparent in our connections to the eSports sector, cutting-edge research initiatives, exploration of sports technology, including virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and the utilization of latest social media metrics. We are constantly monitoring the most current trends and adapting.  As a sports analytics practitioner, I'm constantly exploring emerging technologies so that the Tisch Institute can be among the first to integrate new insights into the classroom.


Our Transformation Thru Sport initiative is a program through which our students can effectively and thoughtfully engage with the community and use sport to effect change for good. Our goal is to instill in our students a habit of service and involvement. The Tisch Institute for Global Sport strives to be the program of choice for students interested in community engagement, altruism for underserved groups, and diplomacy through sport.


Our location in the heart of New York City means that the opportunities to connect with the current leaders on the sports industry are limitless. We also have the advantage of NYU’s global reach around the world, and we are able to give our students unparalleled sports experiences abroad. Our faculty is drawn from the professional sports industry community, which leads to deep, meaningful connections—an asset to students in the classroom, pursuing the many local internship opportunities, and building a lifelong career network.


We are very proud of today's Tisch Institute, but that only serves as motivation to achieve even greater heights. My commitment to our students, our 1,000+ alumni, our faculty members and administrators, and our sports industry partners and friends, is that we will be an even greater force tomorrow as we strive to reach our ultimate goal—the undisputed global leader in sports business education. We hope you will join us for what proves to be a most rewarding journey.

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