Academic Affairs

In line with the University’s mission “to be a top quality international center of scholarship, teaching and research,” it is essential to engage in continuous development and refinement of academic offerings.  Improving and diversifying the curricula to reflect and align with the demands of students, industry and the global community ensures that our programs are current, innovative and carefully crafted in order to provide high-impact learning experiences to our students.

Our goal is to facilitate the development and approval process, making it easy to navigate while helping programs remain in compliance with all relevant regulatory standards. Within these pages and links, you will find relevant information in relation to the development, review, approval and management of academic programs. 

Faculty should first confer with the academic director and/or associate dean of their academic unit before commencing any of the processes below. 

Academic Programs

Supporting the academic and intellectual conceptualization of degrees and facilitating the processes associated with the development, review, and approval of new programs, as well as revisions to existing programs.

Curriculum Management & Assessment

Providing guidance, resources, and information for course and program-level curricular changes, non-classroom experiences, program planning, and assessment reporting.

Academic Policy Resources

A resource of information, ensuring compliance with local, University, national, and international academic standards.

Propose a New Degree Program

Information and resources needed to propose a new degree program.

Modify a Degree Program

Information and resources needed to modify an existing program.

Additional Resources