Richard L Gant

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Marketing and Public Relations

  • NI, Howard University
  • Cert., New York University
  • BA, City University of New York
Contact Info

Richard L Gant is President & Chief Experience Officer of The RL Gant Group Inc., specializing in sports, entertainment, experiential and media marketing. Since founding RL Gant in 1995, Richard has established a world-class marketing agency and leads its growth by expanding their clients global positioning through developing brand marketing platforms around the enormous synergies between sports, entertainment, events and media.

From launch, RL Gant significantly grew its marketing expertise through a strong presence in events marketing, and then added a concentration in sports marketing through development and management of partnerships, and programming for a diverse array of brands, and other stakeholders. On the client management side, RL Gant represents and directs marketing activities for professional athletes across the major sports of football, baseball, golf, tennis, soccer, basketball and motor sports.

In entertainment, through its Aladdin Artists brand footprint, they develop entertainment partnerships and implement a vast array of client and content strategies–conceptualize a “one-stop-shop” that activates entertainment experiences across multiple platforms, and engagements through live events, TV, film and digital content creation, music, digital distribution portals, social media activations and engagements.

Mr. Gant’s entertainment credentials were earned working as a professional musician (trumpet) and composer in various artistic settings including live performance, composition and theatrical music direction and production. On the production and entertainment marketing side, he was Director of Special Events at the world famous Palladium in New York City, and lead the production team for many of the legendary events there such as, (Opening Announcement of Universal Studios Florida hosted by Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard). Richard received music conservatory training at Howard University under the direction of the late trumpeter and educator, Donald Byrd.

In addition, Mr. Gant gained valuable hospitality management experience with Hilton Hotels and CPM experience at Anheuser Busch, all previous to founding The RL Gant Group Inc.

Mr. Gant holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, and obtained a Professional Certificate in Sports, Entertainment and Events Marketing from New York University, where he also has maintained a position as Adjunct Assistant Professor of Marketing at New York University since 2001.

His teaching assignments include, Event Marketing Strategies, Sports Tourism and Mega Events and The Business of Sports in the M.S. in Event Management Program at NYU’s Tisch School of Hospitality Management; Sports Event Planning & Operations in NYU’s Preston Robert Tish School for Global Sport; Campaign 1 Strategy and Execution and Competitive Strategy in the M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications in NYU’s Department for Programs in Business and Marketing for Tech Managers in the M.S. in Technology, Management and Innovation in NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering. Professor Gant has also held a position of Adjunct Professor at Hofstra University in the Graduate Department of Journalism, Media Studies and Public Relations where he taught Media Relations Techniques for Sports and Entertainment Industries.

Considered an entertainment and sports industry expert,, Richard L Gant is a featured speaker on sports, entertainment, events and media marketing at international sports, entertainment, events and media marketing summits, including, EporteBizz in Rio de Janeiro, leading up to the successful bid for the 2016 Rio Olympics. and his own Sports, Entertainment Events Marketing (SEEM) Program, which is available for programming in professional seminar formats.