February 25, 2020

Tisch Institute’s Academic Director of Graduate Programs, Daniel G. Kelly, Discusses Kobe Bryant’s Legacy with CGTN

In the aftermath of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant’s death, Daniel G. Kelly II, PhD, academic director of graduate programs at the NYU SPS Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport, shared his perspective with the Chinese Global Television Network (CGTN), on how Bryant reinvented himself after his retirement, and how fans and athletes can continue his important legacy of impacting the world through sport.

Kelly also discussed Bryant’s ability to secure huge endorsement deals, and why so many brands found him so appealing. Kelly pointed out that by the time he retired, Bryant was worth approximately $680 million. After retirement, Bryant reached out to many of the most successful players in the sport for advice on ways to invest in, and to monetize, his brand. Bryant invested in everything from BodyArmor to Ali Baba, and lent his name to a variety of brands, most notably, Nike.

When Kelly was asked how people can keep Kobe’s “Mamba Mentality” alive and continue his good work, he replied that Bryant often advised his friends to make solid decisions about money and to use their monetary resources and talents to invest in themselves becoming better people and in doing good for others.

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