October 13, 2019

Tisch Institute’s Jason Chung Has Op-Ed Published in Wired on Esports

Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor Jason Chung’s Recent Op-Ed Published in Wired Advocates for High Schools to Embrace Esports

In a recent Wired magazine op-ed, Jason Chung, visiting clinical assistant professor at the NYUSPS Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport, shared his perspective on how politicians and education administrators can leverage esports responsibly to help create a healthier, safer, and more balanced high school experience for students.

He notes, that by embracing esports, schools can capitalize upon its organic growth and draw students away from uninteractive, sedentary avenues of entertainment towards an activity that can instill common values and principles.

Photo: Leveraging esports responsibly in schools depends on properly defining “esports,” Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images.

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