February 23, 2022

Tisch Center Course Spotlight: Data Analytics and Business Modeling

Professor Carolyn “Cal” Fredey teaches Data Analytics and Business Modeling, an elective course in the MS in Global Hospitality Management program at the Tisch Center of Hospitality. Professor Fredey tells us more about her background and the course subject below.

What is your background?

I have spent my career working in the hospitality industry, with the last 22 years at Marriott International, all in Revenue Management. I have been immensely blessed to serve as an Adjunct Faculty at the Tisch Center since 2013 at the graduate level. I received my master’s in management hospitality at Cornell University in 1999 and discovered both my love of analysis and in teaching others. I can easily identify with what my graduate students are experiencing at the NYU Tisch Center and see such great potential in each rising star.  

At the Tisch Center, you teach the Data Analytics and Business Modeling course. What are the objectives of the course?

The objectives of the course are to build a solid foundation in data analysis, foster a spirit of curiosity about business results, and develop an ability to back up numbers with a scientific approach and compelling data visuals. 

Why is this an important and interesting subject area in our fields?

Hospitality executives now have an enormous amount of data and reporting at their fingertips.  However, to be effective, one must know how to ask the right questions, how to clearly articulate the story behind the numbers, and how to communicate why it is relevant to move the business forward. 

What impact do you hope to have on your students through this course?

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my students soar at NYU and beyond the classroom. I find success in learning that our superstars find value in my experience and teaching. 


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