May 18, 2020

Morgan Stanley Exec Mandell Crawley and SPS Alum David Viteri ‘20 Celebrate the Class of 2020

On May 15, 2020, the NYU SPS Division of Programs in Business (DPB) celebrated this year’s graduating class with keynote speaker Mandell Crawley of Morgan Stanley. DPB alum David Viteri ‘20 facilitated a virtual webinar with Crawley on “Building a Career Path from Intern to Senior Leadership.” The event began with a welcome from Dr. Martin Ihrig, Associate Dean, followed by introductions from Dr. Alison Munsch, Adjunct Assistant Professor in marketing and public relations at SPS. Crawley presented his ten principles of success and recounted the course of his inspiring journey, followed by a fireside chat with Viteri and Q&A with the audience. 

Mandell Crawley’s career began 27 years ago with a Morgan Stanley internship that paid $5 per hour in his native city of Chicago. As an older sibling who lost his parents at a young age, Crawley interned while in high school and was subsequently offered a full-time position with the firm. He worked during the day while taking classes at night, the first in his family to attend university. Although he initially planned to become an educator, his studies in economics and his growing experience in sales and trading set him on the path to success in finance. Nearly three decades, two degrees, and six titles later (including Chief Marketing Officer), Crawley presently serves as the Head of Private Wealth Management at the company’s headquarters in New York City. 

In addition to the critical importance of resilience, strategy, and generosity, Crawley stressed “The Big Three” characteristics required of excellent leadership: a high level of self-confidence, the ability to embrace insecurities, and impulse control or patience. Crawley shared these and other hard-earned principles, advising the audience on what he wished he had known at the start of his career. David Viteri, host of the event and a recent graduate of DPB’s Integrated Marketing program, asked several engaging questions on creativity, teamwork, career advancement, the relationship between marketing and finance, and the current crisis of COVID-19. To learn more, graphic notes of the webinar can be found below. 


Graphic notes of the webinar

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