April 18, 2022

SMN Faisal Fahad (BS’21), Information Systems Management

SMN Faisal Fahad was studying at Nassau Community College when, during a transfer counseling session, he noticed a brochure for NYU CCTOP. Up to that moment, he had always thought NYU was beyond his grasp. After investigating the brochure, he became resolute on transferring to NYU. Subsequently, he connected with one of the NYU CCTOP admission counselors, who then encouraged him to apply. Once admitted, Fahad enrolled in the BS in Information Systems Management (STEM) in the Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies (DAUS). 

He fondly remembers his first class at SPS, Systems Analysis, with Professor Antonios Saravanos. “Professor Saravanos helped me to believe that nothing is impossible,” Fahad affirms. Of the many diverse academic activities in which Fahad took part at SPS, he cites research as the highlight of his educational experience. Working under the supervision of Professor Saravanos, Fahad focused on the topic of Technology Acceptance Modeling and the effect that privacy has on consumers seeking to adopt new technologies. Engaging in research was a transformative experience for Fahad because it helped him to develop strong problem-solving skills. Moreover, he is confident that his work at SPS prepared him well for graduate studies: “I learned to keep learning, which eventually motivated me to apply for grad schools.” Today, Fahad is a graduate student at Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science studying Computer Science, focusing on software engineering and solutions.

Fahad credits the experiential academic opportunities and flexibility DAUS provides for his success in graduate school and, ultimately, in his career trajectory. While a student at SPS, he was able to continue driving full-time for Uber. He is grateful for the work-school balance SPS offers. 

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