January 10, 2022

DAUS Student Leverages NYU Alumni Network to Land Full-Time Position at Citibank

We are pleased to share that one of our BS in Real Estate students, Jhamal Cruckshank ('22), recently earned full-time employment at Citibank in the Public Finance Division as a result of leveraging an alumni relationship, which began through SPS Wasserman’s career programs and coaching. After his career coaching session, Jhamal was connected with an alum working in finance who helped him navigate the job search and encouraged him to take advantage of a number of Wasserman resources. This led to Jhamal attending Wasserman’s on-campus recruitment program, where he landed his position with Citibank.

“I am passionate about finance and ultimately knew I wanted a role that matches my interests. Public Finance is the perfect bridge for me because it is a cross between project finance and investment banking. I chose Citi because I knew it would be the perfect place to grow since their public finance team leads the league tables. Additionally, the team was very supportive and provided constructive and positive responses to all my questions about their work culture. This indicated to me that Citi was a place where I could develop professionally and personally.”

Jhamal cites SPS Wassermann as playing a pivotal role in securing his offer: “With the help of career coach, Alina Acevedo, I was able to revamp my resume and tailor it to my career searches. Wasserman facilitated the opportunity to be introduced to NYU alumni who were working in finance, and these individuals provided helpful advice on how they got into finance.” 

He also credits the Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies (DAUS) for the success he has experienced: “DAUS was the most attractive option because of the benefits it offered to transfer students. The program allowed me to be eligible for many scholarships, which made my goal of attending my dream school attainable. The program at DAUS is composed of individuals who have a similar background as myself, so I knew that my transition to NYU would be easy.”

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