November 15, 2021

NYU Wasserman FirstClass Career Program 2021-2022

Did you know that 98.7 percent of the NYU SPS Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies’ (DAUS) Class of 2020 were employed after graduation? Key to these outstanding results are the valuable coaching and support provided by the NYU SPS Wasserman Center which helps ensure that students and alumni are prepared to manage lifelong professional success.

We are excited to announce that four DAUS students have been accepted into the NYU Wasserman FirstClass Career Program for the 2021-2022 academic year.

First Class is the Wasserman Center’s award-winning professional development and mentorship program for first generation undergraduate students at NYU. Between September and April of every academic year, students accepted to the program work closely with their assigned mentor and career coach to help them advance their careers. Students are paired with mentors based on their career path, industry affiliation, and personal identities.

The four students are currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Management Studies program, led by Clinical Associate Professor Kofi Afriyie. This multifaceted, business-oriented degree provides students with knowledge and skills that can be applied across numerous industry sectors. Students develop core competencies to take advantage of the opportunities of a continuously evolving global economy. Students can choose between four concentrations: Human Resources Management, International Business and Global Management, Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations, and Organizational Management and Development.

Joining this year’s Wasserman FirstClass Career Program cohort are:

Julia Anelli, BS ‘23, Leadership and Management Studies

Christine Odom, BS ‘25, Leadership and Management Studies

Nelson Plasencia, BS ‘25, Leadership and Management Studies

Carolina Valenzuela, BS ‘22, Leadership and Management Studies 


Julia Anelli describes what being accepted into this program means to her this way:

“My personal pursuit of higher education has unique and diverse challenges, but fortunately, programs such as FirstClass present opportunities to achieve my lifelong dream of earning a bachelor’s degree.

Julia Anelli

Julia Anelli


And Christine Odom reflects:

"Joining the NYU Wasserman FirstClass Program is a great honor because it is helping me fulfill a goal I set for myself over 20 years ago and decided to continue in 2021. I not only wanted to be a role model for future generations of my family who will now see college as an option for them, but also improve my knowledge and achieve my overall life goals. Being accepted into the NYU Wasserman FirstClass Program is like saying that NYU believes in me.”

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