August 10, 2020

DAUS Assistant Director Recognized for 35 years of Service

We were thrilled when Eve Bennia, DAUS Assistant Director of Administration, was recognized for 35 years of service at NYU this past May. Her dedication to her work, to the Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies, and to the School never fades, and her estimable qualities shine through every day.

In addition to her supportive know-how of all things administration, Eve can always be counted on to offer fabulous ideas for a day out-and-about in NYC. She constantly keeps her ear to the ground for New York’s next best thing, whether it’s a museum exhibit, new restaurant, or a free outdoor show. If you’re lucky, you may catch a glimpse of her at one of these places. And if she isn’t at the Whitney Museum taking in the latest retrospective, head to Randall’s Island; but be sure to bring your tennis racket...and best of luck if she meets you on one of the courts!   

Over these 35 years, Eve has been a part of many changes and has met many faces.

To showcase how much Eve has meant to the people of our Division, a few individuals offered to share their thoughts and words of congratulations:

“I met Eve nineteen years ago when I went to her office to complete my employment paperwork as a new adjunct at NYU. Since then her warm,  welcoming, smiling face has always made me feel safe at NYU. In the early days she helped me to navigate the NYU system and to avoid potential minefields. As time went by she became much more than the person who made sure my classes were scheduled, but she became my "stop by " for a mood booster before starting my class each evening. I would walk into her office where I would be welcomed by the same warm smile that met me years ago, and she would make time to talk even if for a few minutes. 

Congratulations, Eve. For thirty five years you have been crucial to the smooth running of SPS and I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me to make my time at NYU an enjoyable and fulfilling one.”

-Lena Mullings, Adjunct Assistant Professor


“Eve, thank you for all you do - for so unhesitatingly sharing your knowledge and wisdom, for your kindness, for your sense of optimism and enthusiasm for your work, for your keen sense of humor, for making us laugh. You come to work every day with your boundless enthusiasm for life and living. You challenge us to do our best, and to be our best, because you always bring your very best self to the office. Most of all, and perhaps best of all, your humanity always shines through! I am so grateful to work with you. Congratulations on your thirty-five years at NYU!”    

-Lisa Samuel, Clinical Assistant Professor and Academic Director, DAUS

Eve and Lisa

“We thank you for your knowledge and understanding of how to get things done at NYU! It must be all the tennis that keeps you going so strongly!”

-Clif Hubby, Clinical Associate Professor, DAUS

“Congratulations!! Thank you so much for helping us to resolve all the issues so kindly, promptly, and patiently over the years.”

-Chyng-Feng Sun, Clinical Professor, DAUS

“It is wonderful to have you with such a long history, knowing everyone. You ALWAYS know who to call! And my sentimental memory are the Mediterranean lunches you set up with Bill [Corey] and us - way back on Broadway! Congratulations on 35 years at NYU!!”

-Mechthild Schmidt Feist, Clinical Professor, DAUS

“During my time at NYU SPS in the Division for Applied Undergraduate Studies, I have come to know Eve as a professional who is fully committed to integrity in her work and a willingness to go the extra mile to support the needs of students, faculty and other staff members. Her longevity at the University is admirable and aspirational.”

-Kimberly Howard, DAUS Program Administrator

“I have known Eve since 2003. She has always, and always has been, a pleasure to work with because she is so competent, professional and personable.”

-Philip Maier, Adjunct Associate Professor, DAUS

“Congratulations on your 35 years of service at NYU! Thank you for your help and kindness, your impressive knowledge of tennis, and also for having candies for us in your office."

-Pierre Lacour, Clinical Associate Professor, DAUS


“Congratulations Eve! You are a great partner to work with in shared academic goals, and you are a fabulous dancer during holiday parties too!”

-Brian Schwagerl, Clinical Assistant Professor, Schack Institute of Real Estate

Eve at Holiday Party

“Thank you for your dedication, passion, and energy--from all that tennis--and the quality and progress they bring into our work. Your gentle but firm reminders do work!”

-Kofi Afriyie, Clinical Associate Professor, DAUS


“Eve is so generous, patient, and always willing to give a helping hand. Her ideas are endless. I’ve learned to appreciate so much about work, life, and New York City. She lights up the division, and we are so lucky to have her!” 

-Zachary Elmassian, Aide to the Associate Dean, DAUS


“Congratulations! Thank you for all your help and kindness over the years.”

-Donatella Delfino, Clinical Associate Professor, DAUS

Eve not wanting her picture taken

Eve and T-Rex

Eve and Me

“Where do I begin with the praise? 

-Eve is a beacon of steady calm throughout the 15 years that I have had the honor of working with her at SPS.

-Need an answer, go to Eve.

-The Rock of Gibraltar of SPS.

-I always know that I can count on her honest appraisals and candidness when I asked her about NYU policy issues. She is able to balance the university concerns, the faculty concerns and student concerns, while providing me with guidance and advice when I have an issue that needs a solution.

Thank you Eve, it is a pleasure to work with you.”

-John O'Malley, Adjunct Instructor, DAUS


“Having a colleague like Eve is a gift. She is kind, thoughtful, and so dedicated to our community. She shines brightly and I count myself lucky to work with her.”

-Billie Gastic Rosado, Associate Dean




Thanks Eve!!

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