August 28, 2020

Associate Dean Welcomes New Fall Class of 2020

By Billie Gastic Rosado, Associate Dean

Dear Students-

Congratulations again on your decision to pursue your studies at NYU.

We meet under extraordinary circumstances in uncertain times. Over the next few weeks and months, I look forward to meeting you in person - or more likely, virtually - and getting to know you better.

The start of a new year is a chance to reset and embrace new challenges and opportunities. I encourage you to start the Fall with open hearts and curious minds. Together, let’s promise to commit ourselves to making new friendships and learning new things about ourselves - our strengths, where we can grow, and how we can make a positive impact in all we do.

You are joining a community that is there for you. Always. Just ask. Raise your hand. Send an email. Call us. Text. We are all here for you and are invested in your success.

Enjoy the frenzy that is the first few weeks of class and please make sure to make time to attend events that will be happening at SPS and across the University this semester. It’s a great way to feel the energy of NYU even from afar.

Take care and best of luck.


Dr. Billie Gastic Rosado, Associate Dean


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