August 12, 2019

DAUS reads One Book NY pick, Just Kids, by Patti Smith

By Zachary Elmassian

For the third consecutive summer, the Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies and the Center for Applied Liberal Arts are participating in the One Book New York initiative, in where we are organizing activities centered around Patti Smith’s Just Kids, the selection for summer 2019.

Included in these activities was a photo tour led by CALA Adjunct Professor of Photography, Kay Kenny, where she led a group to visit and photograph the haunts mentioned in the book. As a complement to the photo tour, Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor Andrew Dicus of CALA constructed a self-guided walking tour for individuals to visit and photograph these sites on their own. Later in the summer, a sampling of these photos will be displayed.

There has also been an online book club, which generates questions and comments based on the book. April Krassner, Clinical Associate Professor of Writing at DAUS, will help lead a writing workshop inspired by these discussions as well as the tour photos.

Professor Discus explains the importance and relevancy of NYUSPS participating in One Book New York: “The NYUSPS community of working professionals, freelancers, writers, artists, designers, photographers, and teachers perfectly positions us to be a valuable partner in the One Book One New York initiative, and an essential resource for the advancement of New York City’s cultural life in general. Our collective knowledge of New York City, the varied talents of our faculty, and the living history that surrounds us have helped us to bring Just Kids to life for readers.”

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