November 10, 2023

2023 Website Prototype Projects by MS in Professional Writing Students

In Principles of Information Architecture, a core course taught by Lauren Fusilier, MS in Professional Writing (MSPW) students learn about information architecture and user experience/UX Writing through the study and practice of techniques used to develop websites and apps. For their final projects, students were asked to develop a website prototype based on a mock request for proposal (RFP). In response to the mock RFP, students sought ways to match content presentation methods with the specific needs of their target audiences, which varied across projects. After submitting their prototypes, the class took on the role of RFP reviewers and selected the strongest prototypes. The following student website prototypes were ranked the highest in the Spring 2023 and Summer 2023 courses (in no order). 

Spring 2023

homepage for "Sustainable Steps" website. Top right: Sustainable Steps Logo. Top left icons from left to right: "Home", "Blog",  "Good News", "About", "Forum", "Members", Search Bar, Social Media Links. Under Page Navigation is login tab. Middle of Page features a welcome message placed against a picture of a mountain range.

Adelaide Whitmire’s site, Sustainable Steps, has a goal: to protect our home - Earth. We want to empower you to protect our environment through good news and easy steps to sustainable living.

homepage for "Caring for Chronic" website. Top right: Caring Chronic Logo. Top left: Search Bar. Top Center: icons from left to right: "Taking Care of Yourself", "Taking Care of Your Child",  "Understanding The Diagnosis", "Parent Forum", "About Us", "Contact Us". Middle of Page features a smiley face and the website title placed on a white background.

Kate Glickman created Caring for Chronic, a website that provides information and support to parents and caregivers of school-age or younger children with chronic illnesses. While there are many websites about different chronic diseases, there are few devoted to helping parents cope with the diagnosis and fulfill their child’s daily needs at home and school.

homepage for "Forward Press" website. top from left to right: search bar, "Shop", "About", "Contact", Forward Press logo, "Log in", Shopping Cart. Middle of Page Left Section: FP Editions. Middle of Page Left Section: New Arrivals.

Theresa Smith designed Forward Press Books, an online bookstore designed to help users easily navigate a wide-ranging collection of books on topics in art, design, film, and music: from a forgotten 19th-century art critic’s musings on the connection between mood and art to a 500-page photographic thesis on French rave culture in the '90s. Using the site’s tools, users can explore related content, discover new titles, create their own collections, and submit a manuscript to the editors of FP Editions, the publishing arm of Forward Press.

Summer 2023

homepage for "Great Speeches" website. Top of page from left to right: Logo, "Home", "Speech Collection 1", "Speech Collection 2", "Resources", "Forum", "Blog", "About Us", Search Bar, Social Media Links. Center of page: Top: Great Speeches "Discovering the Power of Words Immersion to Adaptiation" on a white background below which is an black and white image of a crowd of people seated taken from the back of their heads.
Mika Hirata’s site, Great Speeches offers a comprehensive collection of historical and inspirational speeches, along with valuable resources to help enhance users' speaking and writing skills. It's a platform where users can immerse themselves in influential speeches and empower them with the art of language and effective communication.

homepage for "Young Yarn Lovers" website. Top of page from left to right: "Home", "About", "Beginners", "Advanced Crafters", "Forum", "Members", "Log in". Middle of Page: "Young Yarn Lovers" placed against an image of bundles of yarn and knitting needles. Bottom left: "Let's Chat!"

Olivia Langenberg’s Young Yarn Lovers is a digital space for young crafters to come together and share expertise, learn new techniques, and further develop their love for knitting and crocheting.

homepage for "Harmonize Cle" website. Top left "HARMONIZE CLE". Top right from left to right: "Home", "About", "Beat Bulletin", "Connect & Harmonize", "Get in Touch", "Log In". Middle of Page: Black and white image of sheet music and head phones upon which there is a slide deck of website highlights to the left and the website logo to right.

Derrick Stephens created Harmonize CLE, a site that orchestrates a symphony of community engagement and musical exploration in Cleveland, offering a platform for both seasoned and aspiring musicians to connect, collaborate, and create.

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