December 6, 2022

2022 Website Prototype Projects by MS in Professional Writing Students

In Principles of Information Architecture, a core course taught by Dr. Steven Goss, MS in Professional Writing (MSPW) students learn about information architecture and user experience/UX Writing through the study and practice of techniques used to develop websites and apps. For their final projects this past spring, students were asked to develop a website prototype based on a mock request for proposal (RFP). In response to the mock RFP, students sought ways to match content presentation methods with the specific needs of their target audiences, which varied across projects. After submitting their prototypes, the class took on the role of RFP reviewers and selected the strongest prototypes. The following student website prototypes were ranked the highest in the Spring 2022 course (in no order). 



Manhattan Museum Database by Amanda Mactas

Manhattan Museum Database was designed to create an exhaustive database that encompasses all of the museums in the borough of Manhattan, allowing users to easily search for museums based on their own interests or requirements. Once complete, the database will allow visitors to search museums by location, operating hours, COVID-19 policies, areas of interest, current and upcoming exhibitions, prices, museum type and size.



It All Comes Back by Danielle Kugler

Clothing is a constant in our daily lives, and has changed radically throughout the course of history. It All Comes Back is a website that examines fluctuations of fashions through history and the way that these shifts have influenced our current fashion landscape.


Health Life Coach Online by Lori Enarson

Health and Life Coach Online targets users challenged with fibromyalgia, migraines, and thyroid conditions. This website provides these users with the ability to schedule an initial coaching call, research self-care and nutritional products, and order items directly through the site or affiliate links. Customers can also take subscription-based, on-demand classes based on nutrition, mindfulness, and self-care.


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