Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport

Labor Relations and Contracts in Sports

An in-depth examination of the role of paid, professional team sport athlete sin the national sports economy and legal system, as well as a critical examination of contractual relations in the sports industry. The topics covered include: the rise of free agency and its impact on team competitiveness in the various sports; collectively bargained for rights of limited free agency and salary arbitration; the development of the role of the player agent and the agent¿s dual legal and ethical obligations to the client and players¿ union; the acceptance of player salary restraints in the various sports in exchange for fixed salary participation (salary caps); the creation of revenue sharing mechanisms (luxury taxes) and the strategies used by teams in a variety of sports to create lasting success inside a salary capped system. The types of contracts to be examined include player contracts and bonus provisions; coaching contracts; media rights contracts and endorsement contracts.
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