SPS Violet Network

The Violet Network is a new initiative to bring all NYU students and alumni together on one digital space. The SPS Hub provides you access to features exclusive to SPS alumni!

You Asked, We Listened!

We asked how we could serve our alumni better. We listened: Welcome to your new digital alumni community!

Join the thousands of NYU alumni who have already joined the Violet Network - our new global platform for alumni, faculty, and students to connect, network, and mentor!

SPS has an unparalleled network of over 30000 alumni, 4500 students, and 1300 faculty across the world. Many of you have asked for a simple way to connect with each other for career insights and networking opportunities. The Violet Network, our new online platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and mentorship will make it easy for you to share your professional expertise with fellow alumni, students, and faculty.

This platform is part of a larger university-wide initiative enabling you access to all NYU alumni and students to connect, network, and engage globally with ease via the various hubs. We're so excited to share this new resource with you - sign up today!

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