Deeksha Bhatnagar

Deeksha Bhatnagar ‘19

MS, Public Relations and Corporate Communications

After working for two years as an account executive at an advertising firm in her native India, Deeksha felt like she’d hit a ceiling in her professional growth. She began exploring opportunities in different media fields and, having always dreamed of attending NYU, enrolled in the Public Relations and Corporate Communications master’s program at SPS. During her time at NYU, Deeksha was appointed the events chair of the SPS Graduate Student Council, represented her major as a student panelist at the CASE Summit, and served as both an orientation leader and events coordinator in the Office of Global Services (OGS).


Who was your biggest source of support at NYU?

My professors were guardian angels who were always there to help me at the drop of a hat. If I needed guidance, they were there. If I loved their work experience and wanted to shadow them for a day, they’d let me come to their office. Their support definitely helped me realize my potential.

What drew you to the Public Relations and Corporate Communications master’s program?

As a dancer, I love any chance to be creative, and public relations lets me think creatively about new ideas every day. All the classes I took were extremely practical yet gave me the chance to personalize what I learned, give it a special touch, and apply it in my own unique way.


What will you miss most about your time here?

I’m going to miss having so many different things to do every day. When I get back to my apartment, I’m exhausted from running from class to OGS to volunteering to events planning, but it’s such a satisfying feeling. I feel like I’m fulfilling something deep inside that I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill anywhere else.