October 7, 2020

NYU SPS Students Return to Learning and to Virtual Campus Life

The fall semester got off to a great start for new and returning students. While it took a bit of acclimating to adjust to COVID-19 regulations, NYU SPS students rose to the challenge!

The semester began with Student Orientations that were, for the first time, held virtually. NYU SPS students are currently taking classes on-site, online, and in blended formats. Faculty members have worked incredibly hard to ensure that students remain engaged in the subject matter and that they interact with each other through a wealth of activities, discussions, and projects. Professor Richie Karaburun of the Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality submitted a photo of himself teaching a class on-site and online, which was highlighted in NYU’s first day of class photos (front page of Dean’s Brief).

NYU SPS Student Council leaders and club members have planned a number of activities to bring students together and to provide safe, meaningful, and fun things to do during free time. NYU SPS Spirit Week will take place October 19 – October 25. This year’s theme, “Rise Together, Reach New Horizons,” will focus on diversity and inclusion. Virtual student lounges have been set up to chat about a range of topics. The discussion topic for one held on September 29 was “Let’s Talk Sports,” a chat about picks for the NBA finals, Fantasy Football, and the UEFA Championship. Just in time for Halloween, students have been invited to an NYU SPS Center for Publishing event—“Zoombie Night, A Conversation with Max Brooks,” bestselling author of “The Zoombie Survival Guide.”

“Regardless of the obstacles they have encountered due to COVID-19, SPS students have been incredibly creative in planning fun activities as they settle into their studies,” noted Anna Condoulis, associate dean of student affairs and events. “They are positive, and remarkably resilient during these very difficult times.”

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