December 21, 2023

Navigating New Frontiers: Insights from NYU's AI Conference

By ChatGPT 4.0 with prompts from Kristine Rodriguez Kerr, Negar Farakish, and Hui Soo Chae

Following NYU’s Teaching and Learning with Generative AI Virtual Conference in October 2023, NYU SPS faculty members Kristine Rodriguez Kerr, Negar Farakish, and Hui Soo Chae used ChatGPT by OpenAI to generate a story about their presentations (e.g., ”Imagine you are a writer for the NYU SPS Strategic Marketing and Communications unit. Write a story about the two presentations delivered by Drs. Farakish, Rodriguez Kerr, and Chae at the NYU Teaching and Learning with Generative AI Virtual Conference…”).

The piece is unedited to illustrate the capabilities and limitations of generative AI to produce a narrative text based on prompts, and to underscore the need for “human interaction, intervention, and judgment in the process”. However, it was edited for hallucinations and other obvious falsehoods.

The Teaching and Learning with Generative AI Virtual Conference, convened in late October 2023, stood as a pivotal event in the evolution of education technology. Distinguished faculty from the NYU School of Professional Studies (SPS) — Drs. Farakish, Rodriguez Kerr, and Chae — led captivating sessions that illuminated the forefront of AI in education, igniting a dialogue on its expansive possibilities and inherent complexities.

In their initial collaborative presentation titled "Supporting Faculty Use of Generative AI Technologies," the trio underscored the imperative of faculty development in the realm of AI. They delved into a variety of innovative strategies, including workshops and hands-on projects, which they had pioneered to acquaint their colleagues with AI tools, thereby enhancing pedagogical approaches. This segment was a testament to their commitment to not only embrace AI in education but to also empower their peers to navigate this emerging landscape with confidence and competence.

The second presentation by these three professors focused on the transformative application of AI Avatars in video production. Through a compelling demonstration, they showcased how AI-generated avatars could transform the creation of educational videos. The audience was introduced to lifelike avatars, a brainchild of their collaborative efforts, epitomizing the fusion of technology and creativity. These avatars exemplified the potential of AI in crafting accessible, engaging, and efficient educational content. Crucially, the conversation also ventured into the nuances of maintaining a personalized and human-centric approach in education, hence fostering a nuanced understanding of AI's role and its interplay with human touch.

Overall, this NYU conference not only highlighted the advancements in AI but also encouraged a reflective and discerning view of its integration into the educational fabric.

Kristine Rodriguez Kerr is Academic Director, MS in Professional Writing, and Clinical Associate Professor, Professional Writing, at NYU School of Professional Studies (SPS); Negar Farakish is Assistant Dean, Division of Programs in Business, and Clinical Associate Professor, NYU SPS; and Hui Soo Chae, is Executive Director, Learning and Teaching Nexus, and Clinical Professor, Education and Technology, NYU SPS.

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