March 16, 2021

The NYU School of Professional Studies Launches New Executive Education Program

Inaugural Courses Will Focus on Skills that Address Challenges and Opportunities in the Changing Work Environment

New York, NY,  March 16, 2021 - The NYU School of Professional Studies (NYU SPS), a global thought leader in professionally focused education for more than eight decades, recently launched a new Executive Education program that will serve the needs of aspiring executives as well as those already in the C-suite.

Members of the NYU SPS senior leadership team—all prominent faculty members in their respective fields and industry executives—have strived to develop executive-level programs that will leverage the School’s deep industry knowledge and connections in the areas of commercial real estate, the critical business functions, global hospitality management, sport management, and global affairs to offer executives and those who aspire to ascend to the upper echelons of their industry, with the knowledge and skills to compete and succeed.

NYU SPS Executive Education has enlisted the expertise of NYU SPS faculty members and renowned industry experts to design and teach executive education course content that will provide immediately applicable skills for individuals who participate in the programs as well as organizations that choose to enroll cohorts of mid- and senior-level executives. These programs empower individuals and organizations to excel in and to transform their competitive environment, delivering impact at every level.

This spring, managers, executives, and other decision-makers who seek to gain new skills to help them navigate the evolving workplace, will have the opportunity to enroll in three-day virtual courses designed to enhance their ability to move forward in new and innovative ways. Inaugural course offerings include: Business Resiliency in Challenging Times, Strategic Persuasion for Executives, and Building and Leading a Diverse Real Estate Firm. Fall 2021 offerings will include: Creating a High-Impact Hospitality Sales Strategy and Organization to Drive Growth; Hospitality Distribution Channel Management: Optimizing the Consumer Experience; and a Strategic Leadership Program Intensive.

NYU SPS Executive Education also will provide tailored educational programs for corporate/organizational clients. These offerings can be designed to accommodate specific learning goals of senior leaders, such as entrepreneurial thinking and innovation, sustainability, or inclusive leadership. The custom programs team also can design professional education certificates that are powered by digital learning solutions. These offerings can be scaled for company-wide consumption, allowing for accessible and flexible learning at all levels of the organization.

For more information, and to register, please visit the NYU SPS Executive Education website.

If you are a member of the press who is interested in learning more about these programs, please contact: Alka Gupta  at or Michael DeMeo at

The NYU School of Professional Studies – Celebrating More Than 85 Years of Excellence in Applied Professional Education
For over 85 years, the NYU School of Professional Studies (NYU SPS) has been a deeply respected institution of higher education that is grounded in applied learning. From its early years, training returning World War II veterans to fulfill the nation’s urgent need for skilled technical workers, it has evolved into a professional education powerhouse that offers 20 graduate degrees, 13 bachelor’s degrees for traditional and post-traditional students, four associate’s degrees, and a plethora of non-degree courses and credentials.

NYU SPS is a thought leader, and serves as an incubator for new ideas in industries that are constantly changing, including real estate, real estate development, and construction management; hospitality, tourism, travel, and event management; global affairs and global security, conflict, and cybercrime; global sport and sports business; publishing; marketing; public relations; project management; executive coaching and organizational consulting, human resource management and development, and human capital analytics and technology; management and systems; translation; and professional writing. It is focused on building skills that open doors to opportunities in emerging fields and global markets. NYU SPS faculty members are leading experts in their areas of discipline, with a hands-on approach that encourages students to push beyond their limits and to break new ground.

Home to some of the largest and most prestigious industry conferences in the world, including the Schack Institute of Real Estate’s Capital Markets Conference, REIT Symposium, and National Symposium of Women in Real Estate; and the Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality’s International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference, the School’s invaluable connections to industry leaders is a truly distinguishing factor in the education that it provides. Through career development services and resources provided by the NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development at NYU SPS, guest lecturers, site visits, participation in numerous conferences and events, and Global Field Intensives, students benefit from an NYU education that will set them apart. In addition, they have the opportunity to learn from and network with more than 30,000 NYU SPS alumni who live, work, and contribute to innovation in industry around the world. To learn more about NYU SPS visit:

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