February 4, 2020

NYU School of Professional Studies Commemorates 85th Anniversary as a Thought Leader in Professionally Focused Education with an Event That Will Explore “The Future of Work”

February 12th Forum Will Feature One on Ones with Art Bilger, Founder and CEO of WorkingNation, and Julia Lamm, Partner, Financial Services People & Organization Practice at PwC; as well as a Panel Discussion With NYUSPS Faculty Experts Who Will Discuss the Dynamics of a Changing Work Environment and How to Prepare for the Challenges and Opportunities That Lie Ahead

NEW YORK, February 4, 2020 To commemorate its 85th Anniversary as a leader in developing and delivering professionally focused educational programs, the NYU School of Professional Studies (NYUSPS) will host “The Future of Work,” an event that will include one on one conversations with Art Bilger, founder and CEO of WorkingNation, and Julia Lamm ’11, partner, Financial Services People & Organization Practice, PwC; and a panel discussion featuring NYUSPS faculty members, who are prominent industry experts. A question and answer session will follow each segment.

The event will take place on Wednesday, February 12, from 8:00 to 11:30 a.m., at the NYU Kimmel Center for University Life, Rosenthal Pavilion, 10th Floor, 60 Washington Square South (between LaGuardia Place and Thompson Street).

The one on one sessions will focus on the changes taking place in the world of work—from technological innovations and globalization, to shared work, the gig economy, and the urbanization of job creation. All of these factors and more have required those involved in hiring, as well as those who are just starting out in their career or who are contemplating a change, to pause and rethink where we are and where we are going.

During the panel discussion, NYUSPS faculty members will engage in a lively debate on how educators, government officials, and hiring managers can work together to prepare the next generation of leaders and innovators for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Special focus will be placed on the ways in which the NYU School of Professional Studies—a thought leader and a major contributor to workforce development education in NYC and around the globe—is developing new programs that anticipate and address critical, dynamic shifts taking place in the industries it serves, including real estate; sports management; hospitality, travel, and tourism; global affairs; publishing; integrated marketing and PR; human capital management; management and systems; project management; cyber security; translation; and professional writing, among others.

If you are a member of the press who wishes to cover this event, please contact Alka Gupta at aag13@nyu.edu or Michael DeMeo at michael.demeo@nyu.edu.

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One on One with WorkingNation’s Art Bilger

  • Art Bilger, founder and CEO of WorkingNation
  • Interviewed by: Carolyn Kissane, Clinical Professor and Academic Director, Center for Global Affairs

The Workforce of the Future

  • Julia Lamm ’11, Partner, Financial Services People & Organization Practice, PwC
  • Interviewed by: Jeannie Liakaris, Assistant Dean of Career Development, NYUSPS Wasserman Center for Career Development

Educating Future-Ready Professionals

  • Faculty Speaker: Anna Tavis, Clinical Associate Professor, Academic Director, Human Capital Management Program, Division of Programs in Business

Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders and Innovators

  • Moderator: Billie Gastic Rosado, Associate Dean, Liberal Arts, Languages, and Post-Traditional Undergraduate Studies
  • Vanja Bogicevic, Clinical Assistant Professor, Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality
  • Christian Busch, Clinical Assistant Professor, Director of the Global Economy Program, Center for Global Affairs
  • Andrea Chambers, Clinical Assistant Professor, Executive Director, Center for Publishing
  • Tim Savage, Clinical Assistant Professor, Schack Institute of Real Estate
  • Michael Valentine, Clinical Assistant Professor, Division of Programs in Business

The NYU School of Professional Studies commemorated its 85th Anniversary on October 28, 2019, with the presentation of a proclamation from the NYC Mayor’s Office, which was bestowed upon the School by NYC Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives J. Phillip Thompson. He read directly from the proclamation, which commended the School for its dedication to educating the workforce of this city. The document also proclaimed October 28, 2019, as NYU School of Professional Studies Day.

About the NYU School of Professional Studies
For 85 years, the NYU School of Professional Studies has been a deeply respected institution of higher education that is grounded in applied learning. From its early years, training returning World War II veterans to fulfill the nation’s urgent need for skilled technical workers, it has evolved into a professional education powerhouse that offers 20 graduate degrees, 13 bachelor’s degrees for traditional and post-traditional students, four associate’s degrees, and a plethora of non-degree courses and credentials.

NYUSPS is a thought leader, and serves as an incubator for new ideas in industries that are constantly changing, including real estate, real estate development, and construction management; hospitality, tourism, travel, and event management; global affairs and global security, conflict, and cybercrime; global sport and sports business; publishing; marketing; public relations; project management; executive coaching and organizational consulting, human resource management and development, and human capital analytics and technology; management and systems; translation; and professional writing. It is focused on building skills that open doors to opportunities in emerging fields and global markets. NYUSPS faculty members are leading experts in their areas of discipline, with a hands-on approach that encourages students to push beyond their limits and to break new ground.

Home to some of the largest and most prestigious industry conferences in the world, including the Schack Institute of Real Estate’s Capital Markets Conference, REIT Symposium, and National Symposium of Women in Real Estate; and the Jonathan M. Tisch Center’s International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference, the School’s invaluable connections to industry leaders are a truly distinguishing factor in the education that it provides. Through career development services and resources provided by the NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development at NYUSPS, guest lecturers, site visits, participation in numerous conferences and events, and Global Field Intensives, students benefit from an NYU education that will set them apart. In addition, they have the opportunity to learn from and network with more than 27,000 NYUSPS alumni who live, work, and contribute to innovation in industry around the world. To learn more, visit sps.nyu.edu.

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