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At the NYU School of Professional Studies, we continuously strive to provide courses and programs that reflect the highest academic standards in content, quality, and instruction. Our students play a crucial role in ensuring that we continue to provide innovative and challenging courses and programs. Each semester students are asked to provide constructive feedback through course evaluations. Their constructive feedback can lead to fresh creative perspectives, the streamlining of processes, and revision of existing curriculum. 

SPS began using NYU's new course evaluation system in Spring 2017. All SPS courses - graduate, undergraduate, and noncredit - are now evaluated via Albert.  There are seven university-wide questions on each course evaluation that were developed by a sub-committee of faculty from the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee (UAAC). They were subsequently approved by the NYU deans and endorsed by the Senate Academic Affairs Committee. (Additional background information is available online.) In addition to the seven university-wide questions, there are five school-specific questions that were developed by the Assessment Committee in consultation with the SPS faculty, Faculty Council, Academic Directors Group, and Dean's Leadership Team.

Policies & Procedures

In alignment with NYU policy and practice, the following policies and procedures apply to all course evaluations:

  • Course evaluations are anonymous
  • Faculty can access course evaluation results in Albert only after the course has concluded and all final grades have been submitted
  • Results will not be released via Albert or offline for courses that have less than five (5) students enrolled or less than three (3) responses
  • Course evaluation results for the seven university-wide questions are published (average numerical data only)
  • Evaluation results from Spring 2017 to present are available via Albert
  • To access evaluation results from Fall 2016 and earlier, please contact your academic department.

Course evaluation period

The length of the evaluation period is dependent on the length and session of the course.

  • Regular Session courses - 14 day evaluation period
  • 7 Week 1, 7 Week 2, and Special Session courses - 7 day evaluation period
  • Noncredit courses - evaluation period varies

- If length of course is less than or equal to 21 days, the course evaluation period is 3 days.
- If length of course is between 22-78 days, the course evaluation period 7 days.
- If length of course is greater than or equal to 79 days, the course evaluation period is 14 days. 


Faculty are encouraged to allot a few minutes of class time during the last week or two of classes to allow students to complete the evaluations using their computers or other mobile devices. As a reminder, faculty would have to leave the classroom while students complete the evaluations.  (Note: The course evaluation system in Albert is compatible with computers and mobile devices.)

Contact Information

To access course results from Fall 2016 and earlier, contact your academic department.

For all other questions, please contact the SPS Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs via email ( or phone 212-992-9030.


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Last Updated: September 10, 2020