MS in Global Affairs Curriculum


CORE CURRICULUM: Four courses that provide a broad foundation in global affairs in the areas of international relations, international law, the intenational political economy, and analytical skills for global affairs.

CONCENTRATIONS: Eight degree concentrations in emerging areas in the field of international relations that build your knowledge of global issues and international policy, while enhancing your professional résumé.

ELECTIVES: The MSGA flexible curriculum allows student to take up to two elective courses through the Center for Global Affairs, NYU SPS or other NYU units.

SPECIALIZATIONS: MSGA students can select specializations in Data Analytics, Global Risk, and the United Nations. These academic specializations add to the depth of your international relations experience and provide sought after skills.

THESIS/CAPSTONE: The MSGA degree requires the completion of either a graduate thesis or a team-based capstone project.

INTERNSHIPS: A wide range of internships are available across the spectrum of international relations disciplines.


The MS in Global Affairs is a 42-credit program, which includes three components: a core curriculum of four courses, a choice of concentrations, and either a graduate thesis or a team-based capstone project.

Required Core Courses

The core curriculum is designed to provide you with a deep and broad foundation that supports concentration course work and serves you throughout your career. Students are required to take all of the following courses.


MS in Global Affairs concentrations build skill sets and knowledge in emerging areas of study that serve to enhance your résumé and increase your career options. Students are required to complete a minimum of six courses in any one of the eight concentrations below.


In addition to their choice of concentration, MSGA students are now able to attain a specialization in Data Analytics, Global Risk or the United Nations

Data Analytics

Data analytics is a transferable skill set that is particularly valuable in the field of international affairs for advanced research and quantitative analysis. This specialization will help you throughout your coursework and thesis/capstone projects, and will provide highly sought-after knowledge and skills that will enhance your résumé and your ability to analyze and present complex data sets and ideas.

Global Risk

In today’s turbulent and uncertain world, risk assessment is a valuable skill set that that can serve to inform the decision-making process across multiple fields. This specialization provides a comprehensive overview of the concept of risk; its sub-elements (threats, vulnerabilities, likelihood, and impact); risk management strategies (mitigation, avoidance, transfer, and acceptance); as well the socio-political and economic consequences.

United Nations

The United Nations specialization provides a focus on the operations of the UN, as well as the contemporary challenges it faces, preparing students for a career within the UN system in tandem with their chosen concentration. Students learn practical skills such as policy writing and negotiations, and global mediation. In addition, they gain field experience by working with UN agencies on real-world issues.


Visit the Admissions Deadlines page to view the application deadlines.

Admissions Criteria

The NYU SPS Admissions team carefully weighs each component of your application during the admissions review process to evaluate your ability to benefit from and contribute to the dynamic learning environment and the challenging curriculum that the NYU School of Professional Studies offers.


The NYU SPS Admissions team is here to help you navigate the admissions process and ensure that all of your questions and/or concerns are addressed. Call or email to set up a Zoom or Skype appointment.

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Earning a graduate degree is a major investment in yourself and in your future. To help with expenses, the Center for Global Affairs provides graduate students with the opportunity to apply to several scholarhips that can help to defray the cost of earning your degree. To be considered for a Center for Global Affairs Scholarship, you must submit your completed application for admission to one of our programs by the priority application deadline of September 15th for Spring 2022 and fill out our CGA Graduate Scholarship form. In addition, the NYU School of Professional Studies also offers scholarships. Click on the link below for details.


Academic Excellence Scholarship

Diversity Scholarship

The Global Citizen Scholarship

International Student Scholarship

US Military and Veterans’ Scholarship

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