John T Reilly

Adjunct Instructor

Human Capital Management

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During my extensive Human Resources Systems career, I have worked with many different companies and have witnessed the evolution of HR systems and how HR professionals deliver their programs and services. After holding positions at The New York Times, TIAA-CREF, Michael Kors, Praxair, ITV Studios, NYU Langone Health and Shake. I am currently consulting for a retail organization on defining requirements and searching for a solution to their system needs.

My roles have been in HR Systems Staff Management, Project Management, Vendor Review and Selection and Implementation. I hold a Master’s Degree from Columbia University’s Teachers College in Organizational Psychology and am a founding member of the HR technology User Association, IHRIM.

My NYU courses not only cover HR technology and implementation but also how to be successful in HR and how to best convince management to implement the creative solutions that technology projects require. Culture, politics and the ability to sell your ideas is often the distinguishing factors in being successful, especially when trying to manage and implement technology solutions.

I have been teaching graduate HR Technology/HRIS courses at NYU since 2000. I started at NYU Tandom and moved to SPS in 2017. I came to begin teaching while I was leading HR Systems at The New York Times I have worked with many of the leading HR Tech vendors including Workday, ADP, UKG, KRONOS, iCIMS, PeopleSoft to mention a few. The hope and purpose is always to use these systems to enhance the functions they support. Additionally, today we have so many other work sharing and workflow tools to help us navigate work.