Mary Beth Sigler, PCC

Adjunct Instructor

Human Capital Management

  • BEc, Boston University
  • MBA, University of Chicago
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MaryBeth Sigler, MBA, is an adjunct professor in the coaching program. She is a certified executive leadership coach who specializes in coaching C-suite leaders and senior executives. Ms. Sigler has a MBA from the University of Chicago, and had a successful 20-year career in management consulting, corporate finance and corporate human resources, where she led teams and mentored individuals to success. In addition to managing her own leadership coaching business, MaryBeth partners with CHIEF to provide leadership coaching to top female executives, and partners with the University of Chicago Booth School of Business to provide coaching to start-up founders. She has also coached NYU Stern's Leadership Development Program.

May 01 1997

Institutional Rules and Mechanisms for Western Hemisphere Trade

By GATT Research Papers, CARD, Iowa State University