Stephanie E Keer

Adjunct Instructor

Marketing and Public Relations

  • PHD, Rutgers University
Contact Info

Dr. Stephanie Keer is Director of Education Technology at Konica Minolta Business Solutions and an Adjunct Professor at NYU. Stephanie has degrees from DePaul University (BS, Psychology and Biology) and Rutgers University (PhD, Behavioral Neuroscience). Her research background includes behavioral and neurochemical determinants of mating and maternal behavior. Since graduate school, Dr. Keer has branched out into research on arbitration, conflict resolution, and behavioral determinants of consumer behavior, relying heavily on her  quantitative and qualitative design of surveys, experiments and statistical tools and software packages.  She currently heads the education vertical at Konica Minolta Business Solutions, where she is tasked with serving as the subject matter expert in education technology for K12, higher education and public sector entities. She speaks, writes and analyzes trends and challenges within education and is responsible for both strategic and tactical aspects of the vertical.  

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