March 5, 2020

MS in Professional Writing student, Suzanne El Khechen, publishes “The Power of Pronouns” in Medium

Suzanne El Khechen, a student in the MS in Professional Writing program (MSPW), recently published “The Power of Pronouns: “He” Versus the Rest of Us” in Medium. The article is a personal reflection about the impact of pronouns on readers. El Khechen explores the history of debate over third person pronouns and interrogates options for modern writers, ultimately advocating for the use of “they” as the optimal choice.

El Khechen developed “The Power of Pronouns” as part of her Style and Rhetoric course, a core course she completed last spring. “At the end of the Style and Rhetoric course, Dr. Gerben, our instructor, asked us to write two articles about subjects of interest that were covered in the class,” she recalls. The assignment led her to think about pronouns, and the dynamics of inclusion/exclusion that pronoun selection can create or reinforce.

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