November 5, 2020

Congratulations to our TWO MSPW Flash Writing Challenge Winners!

MS in Professional Writing (MSPW) students Jasmine Mentore and Matt Tompkins were BOTH selected as Flash Writing Challenge Winners last week. Congratulations!  

The MSPW announced a Flash Writing Challenge to celebrate NYUSPS' Spirit Week and the National Day on Writing, which overlapped this year.  Inspired by the National Day on Writing’s #WhyIWrite theme, graduate students were prompted to creatively explain why writing is important to them in 200 words or less. With a short 5-day deadline, creative entries and multimodal pieces were encouraged.



Please enjoy the following excerpts from each of our Flash Writing Challenge winners:


Jasmine Mentore

"I write so my words sparkle like bright stars in the evening sky, and anyone who happens to look upon them finds the inspiration, courage, and enthusiasm to embark on their own journey, adding their own unique glow against the nighttime canvas…"


Matt Tompkins

"And once the words are cut, rough-hewn and strewn, I can’t just leave them be. Then comes the stubborn whittle-work; the stripping, splinter-picking, plying, planing, carving, sanding down. Until, by feel, I finally find a single, satisfying line. Repeat this umpteen dozen times until I’ve piled a stack a story high. And then, if all goes right, I’ll send it out to catch the wind..."

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