September 25, 2023

The Center for Global Affairs welcomes the 4th Global Summit of the Strong Cities Network to NYU

The Center for Global Affairs proudly welcomed the 4th Global Summit of the Strong Cities Network to NYU last week. The Summit brought together city-level practitioners from the global Strong Cities Network, New York City officials, and community-based organizations from across the world in a profoundly engaging discussion on preventing hate and extremism.

SPS Dean Angie Kamath provided a welcome to a high-level event hosted by the CGA as a part of the Summit which explored multidisciplinary and multi-prompt approaches across counter-terrorism and law enforcement, policy safeguarding, interfaith exchanges, community outreach and resilience, data collection, and youth participation, as well as the need for greater organizational and inter-agency collaboration to share knowledge, resources, and skills. The panelists offered unique insights into the challenges and solutions of combating hate and violent extremism, protecting victims and at-risk communities, and, importantly, what this looks like as a whole-city approach.


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