November 1, 2023

CGA student op-eds focus on gender, human rights, and international affairs

Since 2020, students in the NYU CGA course “Gender in International Affairs” have been publishing op-eds produced in the class on the website Medium

The initiative is student-run, led by Robert Stribley who completed his Certificate in Global Affairs in 2021. The course is taught by Adjunct Associate Professor Raymond Smith, who works with interested students to revise their class op-eds for publication. 

This fall, several new articles have been published on the Medium site entitled “Gender, Human Rights, and International Affairs,” including the following:


Without Women Journalists, We’re Missing Half the Story

Just one-third of the world’s reporters are women. How do we fix this gender gap? By June Noyes

We depend on the world’s women journalists to keep us informed of the hardest hitting stories of the day, from issues of violence against women, reproductive health legislation, and suppression of free speech. Using their nuance and unique perspectives, they can deliver these topics through a necessary gendered lens. But without gender equity in the global community of journalists, how can we trust we are always getting the full story? Read more…


Silenced and Systematically Oppressed
The Untold Story of Minority Women in Pakistan’s Forced Conversions and Marriages. By Aniya Gill

Pakistan is a country where much is spoken about the politics and society of the Muslim majority, but what about its religious minorities? Every year, over a thousand minority females are forcefully converted and marry their abductors. However, the media and government are almost always silent about these issues. Many people outside the region do not even know that there are religious minorities in Pakistan or that their lives are in danger daily. These acts are illegal and immoral and violate fundamental human rights. Read more…


The Patriarchal Myth of Virginity

How the social construct of virginity harms us at both an individual and societal level. By Maria Fernanda Aponte

Being asked “Are you still a virgin?” is quintessential to being a young woman navigating her sexuality during her late teens. The concept is rooted in the Patriarchy and has been around for centuries, engraving itself in our social imaginaries, dictating sexual norms and behaviors. It enforces female passivity and the commodification of women’s bodies, while perpetuating male dominance and ideas of ownership. Read more…


Do AI Hallucinations Disguise Gender Bias?
AI may be contributing to gender inequity. How do we fix that? 

By Colleen M Shannon, P. Eng., LL.M.

In a world increasingly focused on gender equity, should there be concern about Artificial Intelligence (AI) being stubbornly opaque? It matters where information originates. It matters whether underlying facts and assumptions are true or false. It is simply not possible to assess AI for gender equity principles without transparency. Read more…


Let’s Talk About Men and Babies!
Why parental leave for fathers is a women’s rights issue. By Christine Reddell

The verdict is in: women can’t have it all. But why is the narrative focused on having it all, when it should be focused on sharing — especially with regard to childcare responsibilities? More needs to be done at the level of personal life and public policy to promote gender equality. Read more…


3 Ways to Close the Gender Gap in European Startup Fundraising
Progress been made but there’s still a huge gap in gender parity within the venture capital system. By Dina Mostovaya

As companies like Skanska and Qantas have recently appointed their first female CEOs, it appears that women at last have begun to secure seats at the boardroom table. However, when it comes to the venture capital ecosystem, the gender gap is very much alive and thriving. Read more…


To read the full articles, as well as op-eds published by students from previous years, please visit “Gender, Human Rights, and International Affairs” on Medium.


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