November 11, 2021

CGA Faculty Publish New Book on the Future of US-China Relations

From Trump to Biden and Beyond Reimagining US-China Relations aims to decode the future of US-China relations. Edited by Earl Carr, Chief Global Strategist at Pivotal Advisors and Adjunct Instructor at the Center of Global Affairs. Carolyn Kissane, NYU Academic Director,  Center for Global Affairs, and Kevin Chen, Chief Economist at Horizon Capital and an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Center for Global Affairs, each contributed an individual chapter to the edited book volume.

The last four years have seen significant damage in US-China relations that will take years to repair. Early signs within the Biden administration indicate that any declaration of a return to smoother Sino-US ties is premature. To fully address the challenges of this relationship and regain credibility both at home and abroad, Washington will need to articulate a new set of values, objectives, and tactics to redefine the most important bilateral relationship in the world. For business professionals, policymakers, academics, and casual observers, this book provides substantive insights on global issues that will define America and China now and well into the future. From Trump to Biden and Beyond Reimagining US-China Relations was recently featured in the Top 20 Best Business Books section of Barnes & Noble bookstore.

“A unique and fascinating set of essays from scholars around the world, From Trump to Biden forces the reader to think in new ways about the U.S.-China relationship and how the Biden administration can best advance U.S. interests in the face of a more powerful and assertive China.” - Elizabeth Economy, Senior Advisor for China to U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo (Senior Fellow, The Hoover Institution. Currently on leave).

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