June 30, 2020


From June 29-30, NYU's Center for Global Affairs (Professor Jennifer Trahan) and the University of Illinois College of Law (Professor Patrick Keenan) hosted the annual International Criminal Court Scholars' Forum.

The conference is traditionally hosted by Washington University in St. Louis School of Law (Professor Leila Sadat), and Leiden University Law School, and held in The Hague, Netherlands.

This year’s remote conference was moderated by Professors Trahan and Keenan and featured a wide variety of papers for discussion including:

  • Women at the International Criminal Court (Professor Milena Sterio)
  • Siege Starvation:  A War Crime of Societal Torture (Professor Tom Dannenbaum)
  • My Latest Attempt at Material Assistance to the International Criminal Court:  Language, Meaning and Coherence under the Rome Statute (Professor Matthew Kane)
  • Cultural Heritage Violence Against Peoples’ Heritage (Matthew Gillett & Marina Lostal)
  • Criminalization of Cyber-Attacks Under the International Criminal Court’s Rome Statute:  Contributing to Cyber Peace by Maximizing the Potential for Deterrence (Professor Jennifer Trahan)
  • Compensation or Retributive Justice?  Post-Conflict Transitional Justice Preferences in Kenya (Professors Geoff Dancy & Yvonne Dutton)
  • Absolutist Admissibility:  Revalidating Authentic Domestic Investigations (Professor Michael Newton)

A "works in progress" panel also featured presentations by:  Professors J.D. Bowers, Nancy Combs, Wayne McCormack, and Leila Sadat.

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